The new version of Smart Car can create an in-car WiFi network

The WiFi version of Smart Car will be launched on 13 November
The WiFi Standard plan contains a 5 GB data allowance and costs CZK 249/month
The WiFi Premium plan offers a 20 GB allowance for CZK 499/month

On 13 November, T-Mobile will launch a new version of its Smart Car product, which enables creation of an in-car WiFi network by means of a new OBD device. To use this WiFi network, customers will be able to choose between the Smart Car WiFi Standard (Chytré auto WiFi standard) plan, which includes a 5 GB data allowance and is priced at CZK 249/month, and the Smart Car WiFi Premium (Chytré auto WiFi premium) plan offering a 20 GB data allowance for CZK 499. The new version of the Smart Car device enables internet access for up to five mobile devices at a time. WiFi is switched on/off and the password changed directly in the mobile application. A DT Connected Car Hub will be established at T-Mobile Czech Republic for the entire Deutsche Telekom Group.

“Our offer of in-car WiFi is a response to, among other things, the wishes of our customers. This option is very practical for passengers with work tasks and will surely also be appreciated by parents of children, particularly during long drives,” says Otakar Mráz, DT Connected Car Hub Senior Manager.

“The addition of affordable in-car 4G LTE WiFi to the Chytré Auto service reinforces T-Mobile’s continued leadership in bringing innovative technologies to Czech consumers,” said Mojio CEO Kenny Hawk. “This is an exciting expansion of our partnership and we look forward to working with T-Mobile to lead the connected car movement in the Czech Republic.”

The Smart Car WiFi Standard plan offers a 5 GB data allowance for CZK 249 per month. The WiFi-enabled Smart Car device can be purchased with this plan for CZK 1,499. The Smart Car WiFi Premium plan features a 20 GB data allowance for CZK 499 per month and the price of the device is CZK 499. When extending their contract with any WiFi plan, existing Smart Car users can purchase the device for just CZK 1.

The original plans remain on offer. An overview of the plans available within Smart Car, including the prices of the devices, is provided in the table below:

* The price is conditioned by entering into a two-year contract and adhering to the fixed term.
** The price for existing users of the product, conditioned by extending their contract for two years and adhering to the fixed term.

The Smart Car solution consists of a small device containing a SIM card that is easily plugged into an OBD port, which is installed in all cars manufactured since 2001, and the Smart Car application. The device is connected with the application via a mobile network and then sends data acquired from the car, such as information about driver behaviour, location, movement, malfunctions and battery level, to the application. The locations of up to three cars can be tracked on a map.

The operator launched Smart Car at the beginning of December 2016. Since then, its users have taken four million trips, with the longest being 973 kilometres. The application sent 325 messages on car breakdowns and 33 messages on towing, and customers sent 650 text messages by pressing the SOS button.  

T-Mobile was the first operator in Europe to have introduced the Smart Car product and has been developing this technology for the entire Deutsche Telekom Group. The parent company’s management has therefore decided to establish the DT Connected Car Hub at T-Mobile Czech Republic for the entire group (not only the European part but also for the United States). This means, among other things, that the Czech operator will be at the inception of all innovations developed in this area within DT.

More information about the Smart Car service can be found at Customers (not only T-Mobile customers) can purchase this product at T-Mobile and partner shops, on the operator’s website or by calling the Customer Centre.

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