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Actual T-Mobile press news

Services, Pricing

New data bundles offering up to three times more data50% extra data for use on popular social networksBundles can be used in the EU without any surcharge On 30 July, mobile operator Kaktus is…

Financial, Operational
Smart Car can already send SOS alerts, will feature Wi-Fi in autumn

T-Mobile’s Smart Car service now offers two new features. In autumn, the operator will launch a new version of Smart Car that makes it possible to set up an in-car Wi-Fi network.

CSR and Sponsoring
Winners of seventh T-Mobile Takeoffs announced

The winners of the seventh edition of T-Mobile Takeoffs, a competition intended for beginning entrepreneurs, have been announced. Dagmar Dušková of Červená Lhota most impressed the jury with her…

Tomáš Leixner joins T-Mobile’s PR unit

Tomáš Leixner joined T-Mobile’s Corporate Communication Unit as Senior Public Relations Specialist focusing on B2C and corporate issues.

The NOGOL team wins the T-Mobile hackathon with an original game

Alex Studnička and Jakub Čížek from the Ústí region, who competed as the NOGOL team, won the grand prize for an original game that they developed.

T-Mobile to launch EU Roaming without surcharges on 11 June

On Sunday, 11 June 2017, T-Mobile will introduce EU Roaming without surcharges for its residential and self-employed customers.