2036: a book about the world in 20 years is being published

  • On the occasion of its 20th anniversary on the Czech market, T-Mobile has prepared an interesting publication in partnership with the 65. pole publishing house
  • Twenty personalities search for an answer to the question “How will my area of specialisation and the world look in the next 20 years?”
  • Available in bookstores from 7 October 

Prague, 14 September 2016 - “How will we live in twenty years?” asks popular Czech economist Tomáš Sedláček and 19 other personalities in a new book that will be released on 7 October. It is entitled simply as “2036” and its subtitle is “Tomáš Sedláček and guests: how we will live in twenty years”. In addition to the leading Czech economist, some thoughts about this topic that concerns practically everyone were provided, for example, by soccer player Petr Čech, psychologist Cyril Höschl, actor Vojtěch Kotek and journalist Jindřich Šídlo. 

In the book, the authors reflect on how their respective areas of specialisation and the society as a whole will change in the next two decades. An inspiration for the book was a look back to 1996 when Paegas, today’s T-Mobile, entered the Czech market and mobile phones started to be used on a truly mass scale. When we held the first mobile phone with a green flickering one-line display in our hands, we may have had fantastic ideas about the times twenty years ahead, with flying cars or travelling to Mars. On the other hand, even the most farsighted of us could not imagine today’s world of the internet, e-mails, applications, social networks, navigation and popular photography, and the change that the small device would bring to our lives. Together with Tomáš Sedláček, T-Mobile, in partnership with the 65. pole publishing house, invited nineteen respected personalities from different fields, asking them to think about how the world will look in twenty years. 

“This almanac aims to give an answer to an impossible but necessary question: ‘How will the world look in twenty years?’ A bold publication is reaching the hands of readers, whose authors are setting themselves up to look like fools in twenty years,” comments Tomáš Sedláček, the sponsor of the entire project and the main author of the book. “Although the current society is oversaturated with such hot issues as the migration crisis, Brexit and the rise of China, the authors touch on the most important revolution that is taking place against the backdrop of all political, military and economic changes – the digital revolution,” says Sedláček, revealing the content of the book. 

“I am really happy that these great personalities were able to create a vivid picture that can be an inspiration for many of us. Not only what to prepare for, but mainly as a reminder that leading a fulfilling life has always been and will always be only up to us, regardless of the technologies that are available to us,” says Milan Vašina, Managing Director of T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom. 

“I liked the idea of a book by twenty smart people who can open up new perspectives to readers. The idea originated with T-Mobile, whose support made it possible for us to gather, in a short time, a truly diverse collection of ideas, visions and prognoses, from utterly serious to very funny,” adds Tomáš Brandejs, director of the 65. pole publishing house. 

The book will be available in bookstores and at a discount in the e-shop of the 65. pole publishing house. 


Architecture and living:                         Adam Gebrian
Biotechnology and medicine:               Daniel Hořínek
Czech language:                                  Markéta Pravdová
People and society:                             Cyril Höschl
Theatre and film:                                 Vojtěch Kotek
Economics:                                         Tomáš Sedláček
Music:                                                 David Gaydečka
Gastronomy:                                       Petra Pospěchová
Media, social networks and the internet:           Josef Šlerka
Mobile phones and communication:    Filip Kůžel
Fashion and beauty:                            Vladimír Staněk
Religion and faith:                               Marek Orko Vácha
Business:                                            Zbyněk Frolík
Politics:                                               Jindřich Šídlo
Advertising and marketing:                  Martin Jaroš
Coexisting with the planet:                   Šimon Pánek
Sports:                                                 Petr Čech
Education and learning:                       Bob Kartous
Technologies of the future:                   Milan Vašina
Environment:                                        Bedřich Moldan

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