Brno, 2 September 2020 – Math does not need to be a bogeyman. One of the ways how to make learning math more agreeable for teenagers is the Mathman application. In a game designed by Jan Maloušek, a student at the Brno University of Technology, students are tasked with helping the superhero beat the monsters – if they correctly solve certain math problems. Maloušek’s application caught the attention of the jury of T-Mobile Takeoffs, a competition that supports startup businesses, winning him one of the prizes in the South Moravian regional round of this year’s edition of the competition.

The math game will be appreciated by pupils at the second stage of primary schools as well as secondary-school students. The application contains 13 courses, with each having its baddie in the form of a math monster. The opponent of the math monsters is Superhero Mathman. Each of the courses consists of interactive theory, exercises for practising the theory, and the final battle. Students reveal the procedures, answer theoretical questions and solve specific tasks. For the correct answers, monsters lose their lives, for every wrong answer, it is the Mathman that loses a life.  Students cannot move to the next level without correct answers.

“I didn’t want children to just passively read something and then get to a point when they have not been paying attention for half hour. The purpose of the questions is to keep their attention during learning,” says Jan Maloušek when describing the form of interactive theories and adding that the application is not aimed at replacing math instruction at school. “Mathman is certainly not intended to replace math lessons but to complement them in a playful way.”

When the schools were closed, the application was naturally appreciated by parents and it met with huge success during the coronavirus crisis. “I launched the app at the beginning of March and it currently has about 13,000 downloads,” explains the programmer. Moreover, a major update is scheduled for September, which will offer a lot of new courses, math monsters and other improvements. The application is available free of charge in Google Play.

From user reviews on Google Play:

  • “A great app that helps with math thanks to interactive exercises and explains the subject matter thoroughly. A cool idea of fighting against Algebrutus and other villains using mathematical weapons.” (7 June 2020)
  • “At the present time of frontal instruction and tedious math teaching, this application represents exactly what the education system should be offering. In an attractive, easy and playful way, it catches the attention of everyone, even those who have not been turned on by math (such as myself). Simple, thoroughly developed. I recommend the app.” (5 April 2020)
  • “I think that people do not have to be ashamed that they are interested in mathematics, even at a more mature age. A fresh new concept brings a new source of inspiration even to those who are knowledgeable of the subject. Let’s pay tribute to the discipline, we must rejuvenate it! It is definitely a thumbs-up for me, it is truly a modern course, including the concept of mathematics as a computer battle game, which is one of the three parts: theory, exercise, game.” (5 June 2020)


About T-Mobile Takeoffs:
T-Mobile Takeoffs is intended for start-up businesses. The prizes help the participants start their own business. The regional winner receives nearly CZK 100,000; in addition to a financial donation, the overall winner receives additional support worth up to CZK 600,000. The participants can attend free workshops with experts and receive free consultancy, including marketing and PR support.

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