Customers using Magenta 1 now can truly share their common data allowance

28 January 2018 – After nearly one year of the service’s operation, T-Mobile is introducing a modification of one of the benefits available under Magenta 1 – the common extra portion of data. The innovation enables customers using four or more services to redistribute the common data allowance among the individual members and thus keep tabs on data consumption. The limits can be easily set up online on the self-service portal and in the My T-Mobile application.


It has been nearly one year since T-Mobile launched the new Magenta 1 service last February. The service brings benefits to residential customers who combine mobile and fixed-line services under one contract. The more services customers purchase, the more benefits they receive from the operator. One of the benefits granted to customers who use four or five services is a common extra portion of data. The size of the portion depends on the Magenta 1 level achieved: in the case of four services, the allowance is 10 GB; in the case of five or more services, customers receive 15 GB of extra data. Customers using four or more services accounted for more than 25% of Magenta 1 users in the first eleven months of the service’s operation.

Until now, the data limit was divided into fairly equal shares among all relevant members of the group, while prepaid card users that are included in Magenta 1 are also entitled to a share in the common data allowance. Now customers can divide the common data allowance among the individual members as they wish and need. “Shared data is one of the most popular benefits of T-Mobile’s offer in Magenta 1, but our customers have until recently had no possibility of distributing it flexibly within their group,” says Juraj Bóna, Vice President B2C Marketing and Product Management at T-Mobile, adding: “We have carefully listened to all comments and requirements our customers have, and we have endeavoured to improve our services as much as possible. Therefore, I am glad that we have made data administration within the group available and that this benefit will become even more useful for customers.

The new feature is very practical. If customers know, for example, that they are going on holiday in the EU at the end of the billing period and will want to send pictures and videos to their loved ones, they can set up an overall limit of, for instance, 7 GB for all members of Magenta 1. Thus, they do not need to worry that they could run out of necessary data during their holiday. Or if a popular televised sporting event is approaching and customers know that they cannot be in front of their TV at that time, they can set the data aside and watch the broadcast outside of their home. Furthermore, the possibility of individual setup with a maximum limit will surely be appreciated also by parents, who will no longer have to face the situation of their children using up not only their own data after a couple of days, but also that of the whole group. 


How does it work?

The principle is easy: the customer under whose name the services combined within Magenta 1 are activated can redistribute the shared data and set up maximum individual limits for the individual members of the group. Setup can be performed online on the self-service portal and in the My T-Mobile application. Customers can change the setup in the course of a month at their discretion and as many times they wish. The sharing of common data can be set up by all non-business contract customers as well as prepaid Twist card users who newly activate the Magenta 1 service or increase their Magenta 1 level to one of the two highest levels.

Existing customers can start redistributing their shared data in February. They will be informed about this possibility sufficiently in advance. Until that time, the equal-share distribution will continue to apply for them.


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