New data bundles offering up to three times more data
50% extra data for use on popular social networks
Bundles can be used in the EU without any surcharge

On 30 July, mobile operator Kaktus is launching a new offer of data bundles. Customers will be able to choose from four one-month bundles with loads of data and an extra portion of data for social networks. Kaktus services are now used by nearly 80,000 customers.

Kaktus customers are online from morning until evening. Social networks are among the top five activities Kaktus users are engaged in on their smartphones and new, automatically renewable bundles offering up to three times more data as compared with the existing bundles are just what they need. With each activated bundle, Kaktus users will receive an extra 50% portion of data for use on such social networks as Facebook (including Messenger), Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

“We have combined the offer of new bundles with an adjustment of the existing offer of free Facebook. The reason why we’ve done that is to make our offer compliant with the net neutrality requirements. Existing customers can thus use free Facebook until 29 July 2017,” explains David Milota, Prepaid Services Segment Manager. “Young people today no longer are on just one social network and therefore we believe that the new bundles with an extra portion of data for social networks are an outstanding replacement for the original offer. At the same time, all bundles can be used without worries within the EU without any surcharge.”

After using up the extra portion of data intended for social networks, customers can use the data allowance that is included in their automatically renewable bundle; after also using up that data allowance, they will have the possibility to easily purchase a new bundle. Two existing bundles offering an 80 MB data allowance priced at CZK 50 and a 200 MB data allowance priced at CZK 100, which are intended for occasional web surfers, will remain on offer. These bundles are valid for 30 days and are not renewed automatically. After the data allowance is used up, customers can choose whether they wish to buy a new bundle or whether they prefer to use the internet at a reduced speed until the expiry of the bundle’s validity.

All Kaktus customers using the iOS and Android platforms can activate the bundles beginning on 30 July 2017 via the My Services self-service portal or in the Kaktus application, which will have a new look as of the same date.

About the Company

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