Prague, January 2, 2020 - Traditional New Year's resolutions usually involve unhealthy food, intend to detoxify the body from alcohol. But there is a new trend. Approximately 85% of people think that technology is overgrown their heads and they need to relax from time to time. At the same time, only a small part of them can really put their digital toys away. It results from a representative survey among the adult Czech population (18–65 years), which was prepared for T-Mobile by Ipsos.

Digital dependence is more often seen as a problem by women (89% vs. 81% for men) and by people in the 36-44 and 56-65 age groups (86% and 90% versus the average 85% respectively). "We obviously speak about people who are aware of digital dependence not only in case of themselves, but it is also case of their children or grandchildren, and so their emotions in this matter are stronger," adds Martina Kemrová, Corporate Communications Manager at T-Mobile.

And how are the Czechs doing with digital detox in practice? At least once a week, according to a survey, 28% of them have it. While men and women are inseparable in this respect, the proportion of digitally abstaining increases with age. "In the youngest group of 18–26 years, only 13% of people postpone technology toys once a week, and 36% of people over 54 year old," adds Kemrová. Another 11% of people enjoy offline status once a month. Even though 85% of the respondents say that technology is overgrowing our heads, it is really only 39% who can really switch to off-line mode.

Against this, there is a large group of people who cannot leave the digital world. Almost a quarter of respondents (24%) do not think about it at all. Another 27% are in the role of addicted smokers: they realize it wouldn't be bad, but they still won't put off their "toy". And 10 percent can only be without technology once a year during holidays. A total of 61 percent of people are unable to break away from modern technology except for holidays.

Our tip: If you are not able to do digital detox by yourself, try one of the many applications on your phone or computer. Usually you can find them by searching in the app store under the password “Digital Detox”. Their principle varies, from challeneges to the need to pay a "ransom" if you break the scheduled offline period.

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