• Customers have surfed without limits for more than 580 years
  • Free data in more than 1,000 locations
  • The most active user activated 55 daily packages
  • The involved partners praise the opportunity to attract new customers

Prague, September 17, 2020 – This summer, T-Mobile offered all its customers unlimited mobile data free of charge in more than 1,000 more or less attractive tourist locations. The offer “Spolu po magentové”, which the operator prepared in cooperation with the CzechTourism agency, was used by tens of thousands of customers who activated more than 212,000 daily unlimited surfing packages.

“This summer was spent by the majority of the population in the Czech Republic and we are very happy that we were able to make it more pleasant with our offer to discover the beauties of the Czech Republic,” says Juraj Bóna, T-Mobile's Director for the Czech Republic, adding: “We are also pleased with the positive feedback from partners and our corporate customers, not only in the field of tourism, who participated in the event.”

“Czechs supported domestic tourism during the holidays; in July, even a fifth more of them stayed in domestic hotels than last year,” says Jan Herget, director of the CzechTourism agency, adding: “I am glad that our partnership within the campaign # SvětovéČesko contributed to increasing the attractiveness of domestic entrepreneurs in tourism and partners of the portal, and that it inspired the Czechs to get to know the Czech Republic.”

Unlimited data for 580 years

During the summer offer, customers activated over 212,000 packages of unlimited data for 24 hours, ie for more than 580 years. The moct active user enjoyed surfing without a limit for 55 days during the holidays. The greatest interest was at the beginning of August – on August 5, there were almost 6,000 packages. And what did the consumption look like? The participating customers downloaded a total of almost 574 TB of data. The biggest “magenta traveler” used one terabyte.

The summer campaign was appreciated not only by customers, but also by T-Mobile's B2B customers and other partners involved. “We evaluate the event positively, and if you plan a similar event for next summer, we will be very happy to participate in it,” says Tereza Beránková from Graphite mine in Český Krumlov. The director of the Hotel FREUD, Simona Cimmer, evaluates it in a similar way: “We participated in this campaign and we perceive its intervention positively. People used the QR code for the data and it was an extra service for the client.”

Which places were the most popular? The imaginary winner was the “Třeboň in marzipan” museum in Třeboň, South Bohemia. There was also great interest in northern Moravia – whether it was a restaurant and the hotel Praděd or a Treetop Walkway at Pustevny. The ten most popular places include localities from eastern, southern or northern Bohemia or from the Vysočina region.

The most popular locations by number of activated packages
  1. Třeboň in marzipan - museum, chocolaterie and workshop
  2. Restauraant and hotel Praděd
  3. Treetop Walkway Valaška – Pustevny
  4. Častolovice chateau – a jewel of Czech historical architecture
  5. Zelená hora - pilgrimage church of st. Jan Nepomucký near Žďár nad Sázavou
  6. Graphite mine – Český Krumlov
  7. Novosad glassworks in Harrachov - the oldest functioning glassworks in Bohemia
  8. Boat trip on the Vltava dams Orlík and Slapy
  9. DinoPark Ostrava – a prehistoric world
  10. Zoo Jihlava – get ready for the experience

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