T-Mobile abandons the t-music brand but continues to support music

Music news, competitions, discounts on tickets and mobile music now available at t-mobile.cz/hudba
A 15% discount on tickets for the Rock for People festival to be held in Hradec Králové and Plzeň
A 10% discount and a competition to win tickets to a concert on the Kryštof Srdcebeat Tour 2015

T-Mobile has discontinued operation of the t-music portal and has now launched the t-mobile.cz/hudba website. The operator intends to continue supporting music activities. For the eighth time, T-Mobile is the partner of the Rock for People festival and is also continuing its partnership with the band Kryštof, within which the Kryštof Srdcebeat Tour 2015 will be organised. T-Mobile customers will have an opportunity to purchase tickets to both events at a 15% and 10% discount, respectively, via the Našim pro radost (“Treat for Our Customers”) portal at www.nasimproradost.cz.

“We organised a number of successful projects under the t-music brand. It is often said that you should quit while you go out on top. But we will stick to that saying only partially, as we are definitely not done supporting music yet,” says Markéta Vychytilová, Head of Sponsoring at T-Mobile, adding: “In line with our corporate strategy, we will continue to develop music activities directly under the T-Mobile brand.”

In connection with T-Mobile’s partnership with Rock for People, the operator’s customers will have an opportunity to get a 15% discount on tickets to the entire festival to be held in Hradec Králové (4-6 June) and Plzeň (3-5 July). All they need to do is enter their mobile phone number at the www.nasimproradost.cz portal and when purchasing the tickets at www.ticketsforpeople.cz, apply the discount code that they have received in a text message.

Via the Našim pro radost portal, T-Mobile customers can also purchase tickets to concerts on the Kryštof Srdcebeat Tour 2015 at a 10% discount. The rules are the same in all three above cases: one discounted ticket can be purchased per one telephone number (i.e. one ticket to RFP in Hradec Králové, one ticket to RFP in Plzeň and one ticket to a Kryštof concert during the band’s tour).

The t-mobile.cz/hudba website features attractive music content divided into four categories: music news, competitions, discounted tickets and mobile music.

T-Mobile is preparing a competition to win tickets to invitation-only Kryštof concerts that will be held in June. More details will be made available at t-mobile.cz/hudba at a later date.

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