T-Mobile has good news for all enthusiastic data users. The operator is increasing the data packages that can be activated after the data allowance within the given plan is used up and data will now be rolled over to the next period

Prague, 4 June 2019 - Beginning on Friday, 7 June, T-Mobile customers can increase their data limit with new one-off data packages after having used up their data allowance. They can choose from packages offering 60 MB to 10 GB of data. In addition to the expansion of the offer and more attractive prices, the operator is also starting to roll over any unused additionally purchased data to the next billing period. Such data will no longer be forfeited, so customers can use them in the following month. 

Until now, T-Mobile had an identical offer for all customers wishing to increase their data limit after using up the basic allowance. Without differentiating between tariff plans and prepaid cards, the operator offered five packages with a maximum limit of 1.5 GB, always valid until the end of the respective billing period. Now customers can choose from eight possibilities of increasing their data limit, from 60 MB to 10 GB. “Our customers have different data consumption needs, so our offer includes tariff plans offering data allowances of 0.5 GB to 60 GB. We wanted to give the same freedom to customers also if they use up their basic data allowance and wish to increase their limit,” says Michal Podlucký, Head of B2C Segment at T-Mobile, adding: “We have therefore decided not only to expand our offer, but we will also roll the additionally purchased data over to the next billing period.” Such data is valid for 30 days; customers will thus not lose any unused additionally purchased data. Unlike with the competitors, the data limit will not be increased automatically; customers will decide themselves whether they wish to purchase additional data or not.

T-Mobile is also increasing the volume of data in the packages. Until now, the maximum allowance that customers could purchase was 1.5 GB priced at CZK 249; for this price, they can newly purchase 2.5 GB. In this case, the price per 1 GB decreased by 40%. In the case of the 10 GB package for CZK 599, the price decreased by 63%.

While the number of minutes called and text messages sent in the T-Mobile network has remained at approximately the same level, consumption of data services is rising. Following the launch of the Mobil tariff-plan generation in April 2017, when the new tariff plans brought significantly more data, data consumption doubled. While customers using the Mobil tariff-plan generation consume 1.9 GB of data monthly, the average mobile data consumption under Magenta 1 is up to 50% higher.

The offer is valid for residential and business customers with an activated tariff plan or using the prepaid Twist card. 

Price list for the data limit increase valid from 7 June 2019:

The operator has also prepared a special offer for students. Offer of the data limit increase for customers using the Student and Student DATA tariff plans valid from 7 June 2019:

More information about the data limit increase will be available from 7 June on the website at https://www.t-mobile.cz/internet-do-mobilu.

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