T-Mobile introduces the Školák bundle

  • With the Školák (“Schoolchild”) bundle, parents will be able to keep tabs on their children
  • The bundle includes a free Surfie application
  • For CZK 99 per month, parents can keep an eye on up to three children                                                     

Prague, 15 August 2016 - T-Mobile is introducing the unique new Školák (“Schoolchild”) bundle, which will cover the basic needs of parents of schoolchildren: contact with their children, keeping tabs on their mobile service spending and security. The bundle, including the Surfie application, costs CZK 99 per month in addition to the monthly fee that parents pay for their plan. The bundle is intended for non-corporate customers with an activated monthly plan who have children that use the prepaid Twist service. The service will be launched on 16 August.

“Everybody wants to ensure a carefree childhood for their kids. The Školák bundle offers parents the possibility of keeping an eye on their children’s movements and will also help them better protect their children against inappropriate content on the internet and keep tabs on their mobile credit,” says Juraj Bóna, Vice President B2C Marketing and Product Management, adding: “The service is paid for by parents and it is completely independent from the child’s mobile credit.”

The Školák bundle will enable parents to keep an eye on up to three children for a single fee of CZK 99 per month. It gives parents certainty that they will be able to be in contact with their children even if they have zero credit and to very easily keep tabs on their children’s account directly from their own account on the My T-Mobile self-service portal. The bundle will enable parents to see, for example, the amount of their children’s mobile credit and traffic on the SIM card (the numbers to which their children call and send text messages) and allow children to top up their credit directly from their parents’ Statement of Services or payment card with amounts starting at CZK 50. Parents will also be able to block mobile payments and other services.

The Školák bundle is interconnected with the Surfie application, which is provided free of charge with the bundle and makes it possible to track the location of children and protect them against inappropriate internet content. Parents will surely appreciate free notifications on, for example, when their kids arrive home from school, when they want to play a game that is not permitted or if they want to uninstall the Surfie application (this can only be done by parents). The app is in Czech, works with the iOS and Android operating systems and includes three licences, either for the protection of three children or for installation on three different devices. The app requires internet access; therefore, the bundle contains a 10 MB data allowance per month for the child. After the data allowance is fully used up, the internet access speed slows down, i.e. children will still be able to use the app.  

While the Školák bundle is intended for non-corporate customers with an activated monthly plan, the Surfie app can be used by all customers (including prepaid Twist card users). The app can also be purchased separately for CZK 99 and be used by children with a standard plan. It can be downloaded directly on the My T-Mobile self-service portal under Benefits and Tricks, where customers can also purchase additional licences if they have more children or if more devices are used within the family.

From September, the new service will be accompanied by a dedicated campaign. Information about the campaign will be released in the coming days.

More information is available at www.t-mobile.cz/skolak.

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