T-Mobile launches a limited edition of the prepaid Twist card for occasional data users

Prague, 28 February 2019 – T-Mobile is introducing a new limited edition of the “Pay only for the data that you use” prepaid Twist card. The solution is intended for all customers who prefer to have certainty of internet access any time they need it while keeping tabs on their spending. The principle is easy: customers only pay for the data they actually use browsing the web, up to a maximum amount of CZK 10 per day. For this price, they can consume up to 100 MB of data. If customers do not use any data on a particular day, they do not pay anything. 

The operator launched this simple and innovative solution for its existing customers at the end of November and has now decided to offer it also to new customers in the form of a limited prepaid Twist card. Normally, customers purchase a certain data allowance within a bundle, which is gradually used up. The new Twist card introduces a special billing method. “Customers appreciate that they have an opportunity to use data occasionally without having to purchase a bundle,” says Juraj Bóna, Commercial Division CZ Director, confirming one of the main advantages of the card and adding: “They also like the fair approach, when they pay only for the data they actually use and nothing extra. At the same time, they do not have to worry that they will spend too much because thanks to the the maximum spending amount guarantee, they will not pay more than CZK 10 per day. This gives freedom to those who have so far been accustomed to using only Wi-Fi access.” The entire solution is convenient, as everything is set up on the card and nothing needs to be activated. 

How the new Twist card works

  • Data is charged according to consumption at CZK 1 per MB.
  • However, customers will pay a maximum amount of CZK 10 per day. At that point, billing will stop and customers can consume up to 100 MB a day browsing the web for only CZK 10.
  • If customers do not use any data on a particular day, they will not pay anything. 

The prepaid Twist card also includes unlimited calls to T-Mobile numbers free of charge for the first four weeks and then always for CZK 149 for four weeks. If the solution does not suit a customer, they can deactivate it at any time by sending a free text message with VOLANI4TYDNY D to 4603. The standard retail price of the card is CZK 200, which includes CZK 200 of initial credit. 

The operator will support the offer with a campaign

Beginning on 1 March, T-Mobile will support the offer of the limited edition of the “Pay only for the data that you use” prepaid Twist card with a campaign of the same name. The campaign will be launched on TV, the internet and social media and will be complemented with communication at T-Mobile shops and in shopping centres. A 15-second spot will run on TV from 11 March. The campaign was prepared by the creative agency Proboston Creative and media agency MediaCom. 

More information about the offer of prepaid Twist cards can be found at www.t-mobile.cz/twist.


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