• Students of Czech schools took part in the architectural solution
  • Promoting ecology, sustainability and smart solutions
  • Use of virtual reality and involvement of Czech companies

Prague, February 2, 2020 – Today, T-Mobile opens the Magenta Experience Center – a completely unique, innovative space full of inspiration, entertainment and education. On an area of ​​over 800 square meters in the Arkády Pankrác shopping center, T-Mobile offers not only a place for co-working, a game zone, a podcast studio or a showcase of smart home, but also educational and conference facilities with a daily program and the opportunity to organize your own corporate events. This is a completely unique concept, which has no analogues either in the Deutsche Telekom Group or in the Czech Republic.

Magenta Experience Center is not definitely a brand shop. Its uniqueness is also confirmed by its birth. The first proposals were made in June 2020 on a three-day basis

T-Hackathon, which was attended by 44 students of architecture schools in 17 teams. The author's studies brought a number of interesting concepts, and T-Mobile used 11 ideological ideas in the actual implementation. In addition, the winning teams went to the art1st architectural office in Budapest, where they worked with the architects of the Deutsche Telekom Group on the final design.

The operation of the Magenta Experince Center emphasizes ecology, recycling, sustainability and support for young domestic companies. Thanks to the great ideas of the students, the space is also full of greenery. The Czech company “Future Farming” took care of the construction of the aquaponic farm, the living green ceilings and vertical gardens are taken care of by another domestic company – “Čarokvěty”.

Before the builders went to work, it was necessary to check the functionality of the entire space. And how else but in virtual reality. Thanks to Virtuplex, the largest space for professional use of virtual reality, the authors were able not only to try out all the details, but also to present the entire project to the partners involved in the equipment and operation of the Magenta Experience Center.

“We are increasingly moving into the digital world, and this also applies to the purchase of mobile services. However, no operator in the Czech Republic or in the Deutsche Telekom Group has a space where it would offer the possibility of consultation, advice and where customers could learn something new. Where he would simply get ‘human touch’, and that is the Magenta Experience Center,” says Michal Dvorský, retail sales manager of T-Mobile, adding: “I believe that this concept will appeal to visitors, because it is not really a shop in a 'new coat'.”

What can visitors look forward to when anti-pandemic measures allow it? In the EasyEd zone, portions of education, inspiration and entertainment in the form of lectures, meetings with interesting speakers, workshops, training courses, children's programs, counseling and much more will await them every day.

Furthermore, the Magenta Experience Center offers co-working spaces with a café – an ideal place not only for business meetings. There is also a presentation of the smart home Magenta Home, smart home appliances and in the co-working kitchen there will also be cooking events.

Podcasts are the fastest growing genre these days. The Magenta Experience Center therefore has a fully equipped recording studio, which can of course be used to create podcasts. Trained staff will be happy to provide advice for beginners.

A very popular part will certainly be the Gaming zone. In one place, visitors will find game equipment from XBOX, AR technology, introduction of T-Mobile television, VOD services such as Netlfix and HBO, simply the world of home entertainment from A to Z. We will be happy to advise guests on the choice of game technology, settings and show exclusively the latest game news.

At the same time, visitors can personalize their phone. In the Tuning stage, they will learn how to work with a 3D printer, how to stick foil on the display and what accessories to choose for their phone.

More information at www.t-mobile.cz/magenta-experience, on Facebook or Instagram.

Pictures are available HERE.

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