T-Mobile presents SMART CAR

  • A small device that will make even older cars smart
  • As part of the special Christmas offer, the solution can be purchased for prices starting at CZK 1,449 + a monthly fee of CZK 75 when signing a fixed-term contract
  • Available to customers of all operators
  • Works in the Czech Republic and also when you go on holiday throughout the EU
  • Sales begin on 1 December 2016 

Prague, 21 November 2016 - On 1 December, T-Mobile will launch sales of a unique solution on the Czech market called Smart Car. A small box containing a SIM card will be easily plugged into an OBD port, which is installed in all cars manufactured since 2001, and will be connected with the Motion application via a mobile network. The gadget called simply Zařízení (“Device”) in Czech reads data from the car and sends information about driver behaviour, movement, malfunctions and security directly to the application on the user’s mobile phone. The standard price of the solution is CZK 2,599 plus a monthly fee of CZK 75. As part of the special Christmas offer, all customers who sign a contract for a fixed term of two years will receive a discount of CZK 1,150; the Device will thus cost only CZK 1,449 (plus a monthly fee of CZK 75). The offer can be used by customers of all operators, who only need to download the application and connect it with the Device in their car. 

By means of the Device, car owners will be informed via the Motion application about the status and location of their car (also via Google Street View). Users will also be informed if their cars exceed the speed limit or are towed away or hit by another car while parked, and about battery level. They can also export their mileage book, share the location of their car and monitor statistics – number of kilometres driven, travel time, average speed, deviation from a pre-set course – and receive much more useful information. Users of the Device need to do only three things: simply plug the Device into the given car’s OBD port, download the Motion application on a mobile phone and very easily install it by following the instructions. The location of the OBD port in a particular car can be looked up at www.t-mobile.cz/chytreauto

“An era of digitalisation, sharing and connection awaits us. We expect that IoT devices will play a very important role in 2018. We have now taken the first big step in the digital world, which will enable our customers to connect their cars with their mobile phones,” says Milan Vašina, CEO of T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom. 

Attila Keszég, Senior Vice President B2C Commercial Excellence Europe at Deutsche Telekom, adds: “With this smart DT AG solution, we are going to address 270 million used-car owners in Europe and we are proudly building on TMCZ Connected Car excellence, as well as the achievements of DT Mojio Motion and partners like eParkomat. TMCZ is the first country where this service is available and we would like to enable the whole EU footprint to enjoy the same service.” 

Kenny Hawk, CEO of the Canadian-American company Mojio, which has developed the application in cooperation with T-Mobile Czech Republic for the DT Group, says: “We are thrilled to launch the Mojio Connected Car Platform in Europe with our partner T-Mobile Czech Republic. Together we will help drivers keep their vehicles safe and prepared for their families and employees while also saving them money and preventing unpleasant situations related to operating their cars.” 

The new product can be purchased also in instalments. As part of the special Christmas offer, the down payment is CZK 299 and the monthly payments are then CZK 125 (23 * CZK 50 + a monthly fee of CZK 75) when customers sign a two-year contract. As part of a prepaid package, the Device will cost CZK 3,499 including one year of operation (the annual fee of CZK 900 + the price of the Device of CZK 2,599). Credit needs to be topped one year after activation; customers will be informed of the upcoming subscription fee deduction in advance by means of a text message sent to the contact phone number that they entered upon registering in the application. The plan includes a 50 MB data allowance that is renewed regularly every month; the data allowance is sufficient for this service and covers the SIM card’s data consumption in the Czech Republic and within the EU.  

The operator is planning further development of this device – in future, the application will show, for example, information about driver behaviour, fuel level, SOS alerts (notification in the case of an accident), Wi-Fi and more. All new features will be automatically available to all existing customers. The platform on which the application runs will remain open-source. The operator has also approached Czech developers within the T-Mobile hackathon, inviting them to develop new applications that will expand the Smart Car concept. The T-Mobile hackathon will take place over the first weekend of December. 

More information can be found at www.t-mobile.cz/chytreauto.

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