T-Mobile’s new roaming price list takes effect on 30 April

Prices for roaming within the EU are again cheaper
Calls, SMS and data within the EU are charged according to the same rates as in the Czech Republic plus a surcharge
Only a surcharge will be charged to users of plans including unlimited units to all networks

EU Roaming, a new principle for billing roaming services within the EU countries, will take effect on the last day of April. Calls, outgoing text messages and the use of data in the EU countries will be billed according to the same prices as those valid in the Czech Republic, plus a surcharge for each unit consumed. T-Mobile is already informing its customers of the planned changes to its price list.

Effective on 30 April 2016, rates charged to the operator’s customers for services used within the EU countries will be the same as in the Czech Republic, i.e. the basic price according to their respective plan will apply (in the case of calls and text messages, this will be the rate applicable to calls outside the T-Mobile brand). In addition, however, a surcharge will be added to the price for each outgoing and incoming call per minute, text message sent and MB consumed – i.e. downloaded or transmitted (for the exact amounts, please see the table below).

  Outgoing call/min Incoming call/min SMS sent MB consumed
Surcharge (incl. VAT) CZK 1.65  CZK 0.37  CZK 0.65  CZK 1.65 

Several examples involving outgoing calls: according to the new price list, a customer using the S námi v sítích+ (“With Us in the Networks+”) plan (which includes 120 calling minutes to numbers outside of the T-Mobile network; when these minutes are used up, CZK 3.50/min. is charged) will pay CZK 1.66 for a calling minute within the EU until the 120-minute allowance is used up and then CZK 5.16/min. (3.50 + 1.66). For customers using the S námi síť nesíť (“With Us Regardless of the Network”) plan, which offers unlimited calls to all numbers within the Czech Republic, each outgoing minute will always cost CZK 1.66. Finally, under the S námi bez hranic+ (“With Us without Borders+”) plan, the first 300 outgoing minutes are free (free roaming allowance within the plan); when these minutes are used up, only the surcharge will be charged.

As regards data, customers will only pay the surcharge if they use a plan that includes a data allowance. When the data allowance is used up, customers will have the option of purchasing extra data for the same prices as at home and will pay a surcharge for every MB used. Customers can also purchase the Internet v zahraničí (“Internet Abroad”) roaming data bundle that helps them keep tabs on their telecommunications bills; this means that they do not pay anything for MBs used.

EU Roaming will make roaming services cheaper and simpler for most users. For example, a standard retail customer using the S námi síť nesíť plan who called 15 minutes, sent five text messages and used 100 MB of data (charged according to the amount of transmitted data) during their holiday in Croatia paid CZK 767.25 for these roaming services in 2015. According to the new price list, they will pay only CZK 194.25, which is approximately one-fourth of the previous amount.

T-Mobile will set up EU Roaming for contract customers, users of prepaid cards and sole traders no later than on 30 April 2016, while the new billing principle according to the basic price applicable to the plan used will be activated upon request for corporate customers who signed an individual contract. As the billing principle for roaming services is being changed completely, the operator has begun informing its customers in advance. Customers can find all prices and details regarding their respective plans on 30 March at the latest on T-Mobile’s website.

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