The first rural area to be covered with the operator’s LTE network is the Plzeň-South district

The maximum LTE speeds in Mladá Boleslav have been increased to 150/50 Mbps 

LTE rollout is continuing throughout Prague, to be completed in October


Prague, 10 March 2014 – By the end of this month, T-Mobile will start covering rural areas of the Czech Republic with the LTE network in the Plzeň-South district. The operator has also increased the maximum download and upload speeds of the LTE network in Mladá Boleslav to 150 Mbps from the previous 100 Mbps and to 50 Mbps from the previous 37.5 Mbps, respectively. At the same time, it is continuing to expand the coverage with the fastest mobile internet in the parts of the Czech capital not yet covered with LTE technology. The rollout is scheduled to be completed in October 2014.

“We promised to our customers that we would increase the LTE speeds in Mladá Boleslav and start covering rural areas with the fastest internet network,” says Milan Hába, Vice President Category and Products at T-Mobile, adding: “We have already fulfilled the first promise. The second one will be fulfilled by the end of March.”

T-Mobile will launch the fastest mobile internet in a part of the Plzeň-South district in the Plzeň region. This will mark the beginning of the announced rollout of the fastest mobile internet network in rural areas of the Czech Republic. In accordance with the conditions set by the CTO, a two-month trial operation of the LTE network will first be launched in the area. Residents of Roupov, Svárkov, Dolce, Plevňov and many other communities in the Plzeň-South district will thus be able to enjoy the best mobile-internet technology with the same speeds as those provided by the LTE network in Prague.

Additionally, the operator will complete the rollout of the LTE network in Czech capital by October 2014 and, by the end of the year, will launch the pilot operation of a new Voice over LTE (VoLTE) functionality, which will allow making calls directly in the fastest mobile network and will help to significantly reduce the time needed for connecting calls and improve the quality of voice transmission. T-Mobile has already invested nearly CZK 4 billion in LTE (including payment for the frequencies obtained at auction) and is planning to invest another CZK 13 billion over the coming years.

LTE speeds and network coverage are being gradually expanded throughout the Deutsche Telekom group. Within its German network, T-Mobile’s parent company recently became the first in the world to perform a successful test of transmission at the speed of 580 Mbps using LTE-Advance technology (4x4 MIMO with an aggregation of two frequency bands). The demonstration was designed and implemented by the Research & Trials team of T-Mobile Czech Republic, which implements similar technically demanding projects for the entire Deutsche Telekom group. The promising results of the test achieved so far raise hopes of a potential large-scale deployment of this technology in future. T-Mobile now has all frequencies necessary to be able to start offering such high speeds in its LTE network in the near future.

More information about T-Mobile’s LTE network can be found at t-mobile.cz/LTE.  

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