Technologies from T-Mobile improve the flow and safety of transport

Prague, 12 June 2019 – T-Mobile is preparing a series of unique solutions that will help enhance the flow of traffic on Czech roads and will make journeys more pleasurable for drivers. These solutions include the possibility to be alerted in advance to traffic congestion and traffic jams and thus easily avoid them and the ability to quickly identify dangerous situations on the road, such as traffic accidents and strong local thunderstorms.

The uniqueness of the entire solution consists particularly in the fact that the operator combines different data sources in order to obtain the most accurate results: the operator uses analyses of anonymised data on the movement of mobile customers and current meteorological data, and includes the sites of frequent accidents. Additionally, data on connected cars provided by the devices used in the T-Mobile Smart Car (Chytré auto) service are also entered into the system. In this particular case, the data is obtained from the panic braking functionality of the service, i.e. a sudden intense slowdown, which the Smart Car service is able to identify.

“A lot of traffic jams, particularly on our congested motorways that are frequently under repair, and dangerous situations are caused in such a way that a driver brakes abruptly and the cars behind him react with a delay. This creates a ripple effect that can cause a traffic jam extending several kilometres that in fact does not have any visible cause. If drivers located farther from the incident receive information in advance, they can adjust their speed and course and avoid encountering or causing a traffic jam,” says Matěj Řáda, Innovation Manager at T-Mobile Czech Republic.

It is planned in future that all of the information mentioned above will be provided to drivers by their cars. Before cars are ready, T-Mobile has developed an application called Dopravní rádce (Transport Guide) for Android and iOS. The application is now available to the participants in the pilot operation. The application displays all available traffic information, warns against traffic jams and weather conditions that impact traffic, and provides information about accidents and anticipated delays on the route.

All of the above-mentioned solutions are being developed as part of T-Mobile’s active involvement in the C-Roads project coordinated by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, which uses data generated while driving and obtained also from other traffic management systems, communication between the infrastructure and vehicles and for data transmission, as well as early warnings of all parties involved

C-Roads is a unique project which brings forth solutions that have not previously existed in the world of transport. The project’s priorities are safety and reliability. The project is also focused on finding a solution for radio communication between vehicles and the infrastructure. In addition to using the standard LTE transmission for long-range communication, the project is investigating the use of other technologies for short-range direct communication, such as ITS-G5 and the newer LTE-V, which T-Mobile is currently testing in the Czech Republic.

Illustrations from the Transport Guide application and images of a car used within the pilot operation of the LTE-V technology can be downloaded HERE.

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