AAS increases network data throughput by up to 70%
A Czech team is performing tests for the entire Deutsche Telekom group

Bonn, Prague, 25 April 2013 – The telecommunications group Deutsche Telekom and the Huawei company have announced the successful execution of the world's first advanced Active Antenna System (AAS) field trial. The trial was executed in LTE network of Deutsche Telekom in Germany. AAS is a very advanced technology, which not only significantly contributes to a modernisation of the whole radio network, but also shows data throughput gains of up to 70%.

“We are proud that the Czech Research & Trials team has contributed to the execution of this significant trial,“ says Vladimír Klein, Vice President Network Development at T-Mobile Czech Republic, adding: “The team deals with identifying and assessing new mobile access technologies for the entire Deutsche Telekom group, thus significantly participating in the creation of the group’s technology strategy.“  

Deutsche Telekom is constantly developing its network for the future demands of its mobile broadband customers. The LTE network in the frequency band of 1.8 GHz has been launched in several cities of Germany, using the Huawei SingleRAN LTE solution. The world's first AAS LTE trial was based on Huawei’s AAS solution, improving the user experience with respect to achievable download speeds. The integration of the active transceiver array and the passive antenna array into AAS will result in the benefits of reduced cable loss and significantly simplified site engineering. However, the AAS key value is the capability to utilize the full potential of the spatial domain to boost radio access network capacity and coverage.   

The Research & Trials team led by Petr Lédl is “at home” at T-Mobile in Prague; however, the team works all across Europe and cooperates with all network infrastructure suppliers and leading suppliers of mobile terminals, as well as with research centres and universities. The international team based at T-Mobile Czech Republic and numbering 180 people participates in development and assessment of innovative technological solutions and customer services and in making recommendations for their deployment within the Deutsche Telekom group, including T-Mobile Czech Republic.

“This advanced LTE AAS trial in Germany is a key achievement in the LTE industry,” said Ying Weimin, President of GSM&UMTS&LTE Networks at Huawei, adding: “Deutsche Telekom is one of the most innovative operators in the world and we are proud on our strong partnership. We remain committed to being the best business partner to our customers around the world, innovating for joint business success.”

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