Wohnout to digitally release a new album in partnership with T-Mobile

  • The band has partnered with the mobile operator T-Mobile to publish its new Karton veverek ("Box of Squirrels") album
  • From 1 March, the Karton veverek album will be available in digital format at t-music.cz; it will be released as a standard CD one month later
  • The first video will be premiered on 12 February at www.t-music.cz

Prague, 5 February 2009 - t-music has teamed with Soundmachine to release, after a long two and half years, Wohnout's new album titled Karton veverek ("Box of Squirrels"). It is the first album by the popular Czech rock band to be released first digitally on the internet and then on CD. The Karton veverek album will be available from 1 March 2009 and the band's fans will be able to download it exclusively from the www.t-music.cz portal one month before its release on CD.

Cooperation with Wohnout and the release of their album on the internet is a logical result of many years of monitoring of music-industry trends.

"Wohnout is a great rock band and we are happy that we agreed to be a co-publisher of their new album, which will be released not only on CD but mainly in digital format on the internet," says Michal Němec, Vice President Mobile Portal & Content Services, pointing out fast-changing music trends: "Young people now only download new music from the internet, therefore we have decided to respond to this change in buying habits. We have been monitoring the developments on the music market for many years and, being the leader in digital music distribution in the Czech Republic, we were one of the first companies to allow customers to legally download music from the web."

The music on the Karton veverek album was prepared in collaboration with Boris Carloff, a producer who had previously worked with such bands as Sunshine, Kryštof and Clou. The guests appearing on the album are Jana Lota, Oleg - the father of the Homola brothers - and Vašek Bláha of Divokej Bill. The CD cover was designed by Martin Došek.

The lead single is "Kapela na šňůře" ("Band on Tour") for which a video was shot during the Christmas holidays. A three-minute scuffle of the band's members with friends from other bands such a Clou, UDG, Tři sestry, Divokej Bill and Blue Effect ends in a joint getaway in a paper submarine through Prague's Vinohrady and Žižkov districts.

"I've realized that when the music is simple, the video must be simple too," says the video's director, Jakub Kohák. "When I got a collection of new songs from which I could choose, a story immediately came to my mind when I heard Kapela na šňůře. Also, the guys could take care of themselves".

The video for the Kapela na šňůře single will be premiered on 12 February at www.t-music.cz and www.stage.cz. It will have its television premiere on 26 February during the t-music chart on TV ÓČKO, which is simulcast on the Evropa 2 radio station. The new album will then be supported by T-Mobile's marketing communication and sponsorship of Wohnout's tour.

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About Wohnout

Wohnout was formed thirteen years ago and the band still has its original line-up. The band has released five albums and one DVD and has been involved in various side projects. Wohnout came to the attention of audiences mainly thanks to their frequent concerts in clubs, arenas and at festivals, where they are now regular headliners. Wohnout's members are Matěj Homola (vocals, guitar), Zdenek Steiner (drums), Jiří Zeman (bass) and Jan Homola (vocals, guitar).

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