Prague, 3 December 2012 – T-Mobile, long-time supporter of the GOOD ANGEL endowment fund, will enable its customers to become a Good Angel by means of regular contributions. Help can be provided both by contract customers and by users of pre-paid services to families with children which got into financial difficulties due to cancer. The amount of the monthly contribution can be as little as CZK 20, or as much as CZK 1,500. The full amount will reach those in need. 

T-Mobile customers can become Good Angels by means of a single SMS. All they need to do is send an activation SMS in the form of ANDEL(space)“amount” to 8001. The “amount” is the amount of the regular monthly contribution that the customer wishes to donate, and it can range from CZK 20 to CZK 1,500. Regular financial aid can be sent by all customers whose m-payment service is active. 

“We are trying to offer all good people who are willing to help others more options to become a Good Angel and to help families with children which got into financial difficulties due to cancer. We would like to thank T-Mobile, which has offered us this new option enabling us to address more potential Good Angels for whom this form of contributing is easier and faster,” says Petr Sýkora, founder of the GOOD ANGEL endowment fund.   

“We have been supporting GOOD ANGEL since it began and we are very happy that we could further expand our cooperation by implementing this activity, as in our social responsibility activities we strive for our assistance not to be unilateral, and this is now the case with GOOD ANGEL, too. In addition to making a financial donation, we also assist the fund in communicating its activities and now with the option of also easily involving our customers in this charity,” says Petra Pavičová, T-Mobile’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager.   

Together with the confirmation of activation of the service, customers will also receive login details for the GOOD ANGEL system, where all donors can verify which of the families fighting a serious illness receives their financial aid. Each contribution is sent to the families within two months after the amount has been deducted from the donor’s credit/Statement of Services at T-Mobile. The first time, the donated amount will not be deducted until the month following the date on which the activation SMS was sent. One hundred percent of all money sent reaches the families. 

Regular monthly donations can be terminated by customers at any time by sending a deactivation SMS in the form of ANDEL STOP to 8001. 

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