New data roaming bundles with up to twice the data allowance
EU rates are valid for the whole world until the end of August
Activation of data services now only upon the customer’s confirmation
Changes to the Data Roaming Limit: it now includes the lowest, CZK 600 limit option

Prague, 12 June 2014 – T-Mobile has prepared a new offer of data roaming bundles for customers travelling abroad, which is valid from 16 June. As compared with the existing Travel&Surf bundles, the new bundles will contain larger data allowances and, thanks to a special summer discount, they will be available worldwide for the rates valid for the EU countries. The new method of activating data services via a free landing page in an internet browser applies also to the roaming services; the operator’s customers will thus be able to keep tabs also on their roaming data bills. If they decide to set the Data Roaming Limit, they will now be able to choose the new lowest limit of CZK 600.

“We want our customers to use data services regardless of whether they are at home or travelling outside the Czech Republic,” says Dana Tomášková, Vice President Resident Marketing at T-Mobile, adding: “By allowing them to keep tabs on their costs in full, offering them larger data allowances and reducing the rates for the whole world to the level of the EU rates, we have taken another step forward.”

Customers can choose from two bundles: Internet v zahraničí na den (Internet Abroad for One Day) including a data allowance of 5 MB or 30 MB and valid for 24 hours and Internet v zahraničí 100 MB (100 MB Internet Abroad) valid for 30 days. For the same price, they will obtain up to twice as much data as they received previously. The bundles are charged for immediately after being ordered and are renewed only if they are reactivated by the customer after the allowance is used up or the validity period expires. In the case of the one-day option, customers will first pay CZK 24 and will pay the full price of CZK 70 for the bundle only if the use up the 5 MB data allowance.

Under the special summer discount offer, the existing price of all bundles for Zone 1 (EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) will apply for the whole world until 31 August 2014. Beginning 1 September, the prices for Zones 2 and 3 will change back to the standard rates specified in the Price List of Services.



Price for Zones 1, 2 and 3 valid until 31 August 2014 (incl. VAT)

Internet v zahraničí na den

up to 5 MB

CZK 24 


30 MB

CZK 70

Internet v zahraničí 100 MB

100 MB

CZK 185

Starting 16 June, when opening a browser in their mobile device while roaming, customers will automatically land on a free landing page, where they can activate one of the two bundles described above (prepaid Twist card users can only activate the Internet v zahraničí na den bundle) or select the option of paying for data based on the downloaded volume. If they do not decide for any of these options, roaming data services will not be activated and will therefore not be charged.

Changes have also been made to the Data Roaming Limit, a service that helps customers to control their cost of data services while roaming. The most important of these changes consists in the addition of a CZK 600 limit option – previously, the lowest limit was CZK 1,482. 


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