The operator introduces the official Sochi 2014 Winter Games application
Competition to win 25 smartphones a day via the application
Possibility to purchase selected handsets and televisions at attractive prices
Presentation on Prague’s Letná Plain featuring a number of fun activities and technological innovations

Prague, 30 January 2014 – As a partner of the Czech Olympic Team, T-Mobile is introducing its special offer connected with the 2014 Winter Olympic Games to be held in Sochi, Russia. The operator has prepared its official 2014 Winter Games mobile application, which will offer detailed news and live text coverage to all sports fans. T-Mobile customers who use the application will have a chance to win 25 Samsung smartphones every day. The operator is also offering a possibility for its customers to purchase two models of Samsung handsets and selected televisions at discounted prices. For all fans who like to get together to root for their team, T-Mobile has developed another application – Letná 2014 – that can also be used as a free ticket to the Sochi Olympic Park – Letná 2014 situated on Prague’s Letná Plain. Additionally, the operator will cover the Letná Plain with its fastest LTE network and will offer a number of sports and fun activities to visitors as part of its presentation at the park.  

“The Olympics are a special event for all athletes and sports fans, and in line with our ‘The Best to Our Customers’ strategy, we want to again give our customers something special on this occasion,” says Dana Tomášková, Vice President of Residential Segment Marketing at T-Mobile.


The 2014 Winter Games application will include three kinds of news coverage (from the iDnes server, from an on-site reporter and exclusive information from the Olympic team), results, event program, live text coverage and a competition with a quiz during which three new questions will be asked every day at a random time during the Olympic games. Each day, the first 25 T-Mobile customers who answer the questions correctly will win a Samsung handset with the basic price of CZK 4,999. During the entire winter games from 7 to 23 February, the operator will give away a total of 425 smartphones. The application supports the Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.  


Samsung smartphones will also be available at attractive prices to customers who were not lucky in the Olympic competition. When extending their contract with any tariff plan in February, they will have an opportunity to purchase two selected models with a discount of up to 20%.
Additionally, T-Mobile has prepared attractive discounts in cooperation with one of its partners within the Našim pro radost (“Fun for Our Customers”) program. T-Mobile customers who purchase any model of television larger than 121 cm between 3 and 23 February at any of the partner’s shops will pay 13% less.


The operator has also developed the Letná 2014 application, which is available to everybody wishing to visit the Sochi Olympic Park – Letná 2014 on Prague’s Letná Plain, as a guide through the park and a free ticket. Application users will thus save CZK 50 as compared to visitors purchasing the ticket in standard ticket sales channels. Users can also send messages to their favourite athletes via this application. T-Mobile will also cover the Letná Plain with its LTE network, thus enhancing data and voice services. The park will also feature the operator’s “T-Mobile Park” presentation, which will offer a number of sports and fun activities as well as gizmos and gadgets. In the igloo, customers will have an opportunity to surf the internet on tablets, test the mobile internet speed and take part in the T-Mobile Biathlon in which a Samsung smartphone will be given away as prize every day. The operator has also prepared attractive activities for sports enthusiasts, who will have a possibility to ride on a bobsled next to the igloo, test the speed of their slap shot or warm up with the electronic coach, for which they will get a sweet reward in the form of Russian ice cream. The bobsled ride will be even more fun for T-Mobile customers, as they will receive a free slider.

For more detailed information about T-Mobile’s offer, please to www.t-mobile.cz/nasim.

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