Smart Car can already send SOS alerts, will feature Wi-Fi in autumn

By pressing the SOS button, users can send an emergency text message to their family members or friends
The number of cars that can be monitored simultaneously on a map has been expanded from one to three
In autumn, the operator will launch a variant enabling setup of a Wi-Fi network in a car

T-Mobile’s Smart Car service has been improved and now offers two new features: an SOS button allowing users to send a text message to a predefined list of recipients in the event of an accident and the possibility to view up to three cars on a map simultaneously. In autumn this year, the service will see yet another major enhancement – the operator will launch a new version of Smart Car that makes it possible to set up an in-car Wi-Fi network.

“When we launched Smart Car in December last year, we promised our customers that we would improve the service on an ongoing basis. That’s why we are now bringing out two new features and preparing further innovations,” says Otakar Mráz, Mobile and Fixed Products Manager at T-Mobile, who was present at the inception of the service.

The application newly features an SOS button on which users can define up to five contacts to selected family members or friends. In the event of a car accident, they can send a text message in a predefined format to all contacts by pressing the SOS button and ask them for help. The recipients of this free message will also receive information about the exact location of the sender’s car and will be able to forward it to the relevant integrated rescue system units. The wording of the text message can be can be changed according to the user’s needs.

Another improvement consists in the larger number of cars that can be simultaneously monitored on a map, as it has been increased from one to three. This feature can be used, for example, by families that have several cars and can thus keep track of all of them at the same time.

The new features are already available to owners of Android devices and will be available for iOS devices by the end of this week.

In autumn this year, the Smart Car service will undergo yet a more significant change – it will be expanded with a variant that will enable creation of an in-car Wi-Fi network. This innovation will make it possible for vehicle passengers to connect directly to the internet and they will no longer have to consume the data allowance available with their mobile tariff plans.

Smart Car consists of a device containing a SIM card that is easily plugged into an OBD port, which is installed in all cars manufactured since 2001, and is connected with the Motion application via a mobile network. The device reads data from the car and sends information about driver behaviour, movement, malfunctions, fuel consumption and security directly to the application on the user’s mobile phone. A not insignificant advantage for users of this service is the fact that certain insurance companies offer special discounts on comprehensive auto insurance for vehicles with Smart Car installed – they can thus save money when signing or amending the conditions of their comprehensive auto insurance contract.

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