T-Mobile starts LTE speed test in Prague

  • Speeds of up to 150 Mbps
  • Samsung Smart LTE Networks allows significant capacity enhancement
  • Trial operation at 12 BTS in the Kamýk area of Prague 4

Prague, 11 July 2012 – T-Mobile today announced that it is launching an LTE speed test in Prague. LTE technology provided by Samsung allows downloading data at speeds of up to 150 Mbps. The key objective of the Czech trial is to test how LTE technology performs in real-world conditions to make sure that T-Mobile is well prepared for the network rollout after the spectrum auction. Before this takes place, T‑Mobile will offer LTE experience to inhabitants of one city in the Czech Republic.

“This speed test is very important not only for T-Mobile Czech Republic, but also for the entire Deutsche Telekom Group. Within the trial, we will test the advantages of the new ‘Smart LTE’ technology developed by Samsung,” says Frank Meywerk, Technology Director at T-Mobile, adding: “We provide the fastest mobile network to our customers already today, and the LTE speed test fits into our strategy very well. The LTE speed test in live conditions is for us a very important milestone for the next generation network rollout.” 

“Samsung has found an ideal partner T-Mobile Czech Republic, a company that, like Samsung, is dedicated to providing innovative differentiated LTE services and solutions to its customers,” says Youngky Kim, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Telecommunication Systems Business of Samsung Electronics. “One in four LTE customers is now using Samsung LTE Networks in some of the most intensive markets in the world. Samsung is now bringing its 30 years of experience in the telecoms industry to the European market by conducting this trial.” 

Summer LTE speed test in Prague
The LTE network will be deployed in Prague’s Kamýk district at 12 base stations using 20 MHz bandwidth in the 2.6 GHz frequency. The maximum theoretical download and upload speeds are 150 Mbps and 50 Mbps, respectively. Compared to the standard LTE infrastructure, the network will be enhanced with Samsung’s Smart LTE technology, which applies advanced radio resource allocation technology to increase the capacity of each cell by as much as 30%, and to mitigate negative effects of interference between neighbouring cells. The trial operation is scheduled to take place in July – September this year. 

LTE experience for public in LTE-City
Moreover, T-Mobile plans to build a complete LTE network in one city in the Czech Republic by the end of the year.  “We´d like to offer LTE experience to public, before commercial launch. We have chosen Mladá Boleslav, where we have one of our biggest customers and register a big demand for broadband data,” explains Meywerk. 

T-Mobile is ready to start the LTE network rollout in 2013, if the company obtains a suitable spectrum at the auction. According to independent measurements, T-Mobile is providing the fastest mobile internet access in the Czech Republic. It is the only operator offering internet access speeds of up to 21 Mbps throughout its entire network. This April, it also started launching HSPA+ 42 technology in selected cities, which allows download speeds of up to 42 Mbps.

About the Company

T-Mobile Czech Republic, a member of the international telecommunications group Deutsche Telekom, is with its more than 6.2 million customers the number-one operator in the Czech market. T-Mobile is an integrated operator: in addition to converged telecommunications services, it offers TV and comprehensive ICT solutions. It provides outstanding services in the high-speed network, which was proved repeatedly by benchmark testing performed by umlaut (former P3) with Best-in-Test seal.

T-Mobile Czech Republic places emphasis on taking a responsible approach to the environment and society. It adheres to fair business practices, helps beneficial applications and services to see the light of day, supports non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals, and lends a helping hand whenever crisis situations arise. The company’s employees serve as volunteers in many places across the entire Czech Republic.

More information about the company is available at www.t-mobile.cz, www.t-press.cz (the portal for journalists), www.t-mobile.cz/pomahame (information on the company’s CSR activities) and www.rozjezdy.cz (T-Mobile Takeoffs of the Year – a program to support small businesses).

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