T-Mobile to extend the special summer offer as roaming data consumption continues to grow

  • Data consumption while roaming soared by 80% year-on-year during summer      
  • The number-one roaming data user downloaded 13 GB of data when abroad and will receive a tablet
  • Allowances under data bundles will continue to be increased by up to 50% until the end of 2015 

An evaluation of summer traffic has shown an 80% increase in data consumption while roaming as compared with the same period of last year. The largest amounts of data were used in Germany, Croatia and Slovakia. The largest amount of data downloaded by a customer was 13 GB; the record holder will receive a tablet with a Twist Online card from T-Mobile. Based on a positive response, the operator is extending its special summer offer for the EU zone consisting in an increase of the data allowances available under the Internet v zahraničí na den (Internet Abroad for One Day) and Internet v zahraničí 100 MB (100 MB Internet Abroad) bundles by up to 50%; the special offer is now valid until the end of 2015. 

“While the year-on-year increase in incoming and outgoing calls while roaming during summer was approximately ten percent and in the case of text messages only three percent, the consumption of data while roaming soared by eighty percent,” says Tomáš Ryšavý, Vice President Residential Segment at T-Mobile, adding: “In view of this, we have decided to make the benefit of an increased data allowance under roaming bundles available to customers until the end of this year.” 

The largest amounts of data were used in July and August in Germany, followed by Croatia and Slovakia. The same countries, though not always in the same order, were also the top three in terms of the number of incoming and outgoing calls while roaming and text and multimedia messages sent while roaming. 

The record-breaker in data consumption while roaming this summer is a woman who downloaded a total of 13 GB of data in Italy and Croatia. The operator has decided to reward her with a Galaxy Tab4 16GB tablet and a Twist Online card with CZK 200 credit. 

The top user in terms of the number of outgoing calls is a client who called 3,643 minutes (nearly 61 hours), while the winner in the category of incoming calls spent 4,923 minutes (82 hours) on the phone this summer. The largest number of text messages sent by one customer was 3,575, an average of roughly 58 messages sent per day.       

Within the special summer roaming offer, which was originally valid from 21 June to 30 September, all the operator’s customers using the Internet v zahraničí na den bundle receive an extra 20 MB of data in addition to the existing data allowance of 30 MB (with the price remaining unchanged at CZK 70). The data allowance available under the Internet v zahraničí 100 MB bundle was increased from the existing 100 MB to 150 MB (while the price of CZK 185 also remains unchanged). The offer is now valid until 31 December 2015 and applies to the EU zone which, in addition to the European Union member states, also includes Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Andorra. The Internet v zahraničí bundles offer much more attractive prices to customers than billing based on the amount of used data.

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