T-Mobile will discontinue operation of the UMTS TDD network

  • Customers will receive a modem supporting the fastest 3G network (HSPA+) for the symbolic price of CZK 1 
  • The transfer means faster data and more affordable data plans 

Prague, 1 March 2012 – As of 31 May this year, T-Mobile will discontinue operation of the UMTS TDD technology (offered under the name Internet 4G). The operator has invested rather substantial amounts in development of the more modern UMTS FDD (3G) technology in the past two years and has therefore decided to terminate operation of the older technology. During the following three months, users will be offered favourable terms of transfer to the fastest 3G network enabling data transmission speeds of up to 21 Mbps. 

“The UMTS TDD network fulfilled its role at the time when it offered an alternative to ADSL, which was completely missing in the Czech Republic. However, the network’s technology no longer meets the current requirements,” says František Mala, Marketing Director at T-Mobile, adding: “We want to facilitate this change for existing customers as much as possible. We will therefore offer them easy transfer to the newer as well as more favourable tariff plans, including an opportunity to purchase state-of-the-art data equipment for the symbolic price of CZK 1.” 

The UMTS TDD technology offered under the title Internet 4G enables a maximum web browsing speed of 2 Mbps. With regard to the very dynamic development in the field of mobile data, it can no longer compete with the current types of connection. Nowadays it is surpassed by the many times faster UMTS FDD (3G) network with transmission speeds of up to 21.6 Mbps. 

In addition, the older UMTS TDD technology is accessible to roughly 63% of the Czech population, unlike the more modern UMTS FDD (3G), which is available to 83% of inhabitants and will be further expanded and enhanced by the operator this year. This is another reason why 3G undoubtedly rules – since January last year, more than 35,000 customers switched from UMTS TDD to 3G. 

New modem for CZK 1
To make the transfer to the new technology as easy as possible for customers, T-Mobile automatically prepared a replacement for them in the form of the Huawei E352s-5 modem supporting the fastest data transmissions enabled by HSPA+. Downloads will thus be possible at ten times the speeds of those allowed by the original network. 

Each customer affected by this situation will be entitled to the above-mentioned USB modem for the symbolic price of CZK 1. Users will be notified by phone, post, e-mail or in their Statements of Services and business customers by their account managers. They will be able to order the modem either directly by phone or based on a voucher received by post. Customers will be able to use the voucher on-line or when calling the T-Mobile Customer Centre or to pick up the new modem at any T-Mobile shop. Users of pre-paid data cards will receive the new modem at T-Mobile shops upon presentation of a SIM card with an active Twist Internet or Twist Internet Basic tariff plan. 

Tariff plans
Although operation of the network will be discontinued, the original Internet 4G tariff plans will remain valid. Customers can choose individually whether they want to continue using their existing plans or whether they prefer to switch to the more modern Internet na cesty plan, which is up to 50% less expensive than the original plan. However, the Internet 4G tariff plans will no longer be offered for new activations and it will no longer be possible to extend them. 

Who is affected by this situation
This situation applies to the customers who actively connect to UMTS TDD using a modem suitable for this network or who use one of the following tariff plans:

  • Internet Basic
  • Internet Standard
  • Internet Premium
  • Twist Internet
  • Twist Internet Basic 

All information and further details are also available at www.t-mobile.cz/4g.

About the Company

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