t-music PLAY! celebrates its first birthday

  • t-music PLAY! offering over 900,000 songs after only a year
  • About 16,000 songs sold each month
  • Customers prefer buying individual songs right on their handsets

Prague, 12 February 2008 - t-music PLAY!, the digital music store, is celebrating its first birthday. In the past twelve months, it managed to double its selection of tunes, so customers can now choose from 900,000 songs. This makes t-music PLAY! the largest store of its kind in the Czech Republic. Customers download about 16,000 songs each month, usually directly through their handsets.

"t-music PLAY! was the largest digital music store in the Czech Republic right at its inception. It not only maintained this position over the course of the year but even increased its lead over competitors by constantly expanding its portfolio of songs," says Michal Němec, Vice President Mobile Portal and Content Services, adding: "We would like to reach the one-million-song mark, which is the minimum number of tunes that any real digital music store should offer."

With regard to the range and quality of songs, t-music PLAY! is clearly the leader in the Czech market. Music lovers can choose from more than 900,000 songs by nearly 54,000 artists. This is why virtually everyone, including fans of fringe music genres, are sure to find what they are looking for.

This can be proven by the sales statistics: It is not only the current hits that sell like hotcakes but also the time-tested works of such classic artists as Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. For example, one of the most-often downloaded songs of the past two months is the legendary "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. Customers use the store's great offer and are sure to find the music that they most cherish. The downloaded items include everything from current top radio hits to Norwegian black metal. And in terms of the total number of downloads, less well-known and alternative music even surpasses the chart hits.

As the statistics show, music is not only the domain of teenagers. For example, eighty percent of all music buyers are adults aged 20 to 40, and almost three-quarters of T­Mobile contract customers who download songs from t­music are over the age of 26. Most downloads take place in Prague, the Central Bohemia region and the Moravia-Silesia region. Contract customers download music somewhat more often than do owners of pre-paid Twist cards.

Shop visitors primarily search for and purchase individual songs. Users prefer to download their favorite songs directly to their handsets due to the simplicity and availability of the service anywhere, any time. Those who decide to download individual songs do not need to register; the amount is deducted from their credit or added to the sum billed in their Statement of Services. The price of each song is final; customers do not pay anything for data transfers.

In future, T-Mobile would like to start selling songs that are not protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). "Like the users, we also perceive DRM protection to be a 'penalty' for those who purchase digital music. We hope that as early as this year, music publishers will drop DRM protection of their works and we will be able to provide our customers with music that is not protected by DRM," says Michal Němec.

Favorite bands and singers in 2007:

1.            Kabát
2.            Nelly Furtado
3.-4.        Daniel Landa; Lucie Vondráčková
5.            50 Cent
6.            Linkin Park
7.            Rihanna
8.            Chinaski
9.            Ewa Farná
10.          Divokej Bill

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