First prize went to italian start-up Atooma in the „Internet of things“ category.
Mr. Radek Švarz and his team participated with the „Visualization of future IT costs“ project for the Czech Republic.
Special prize for the Voiceltt project of authors of Israel.

Prague, July 3, 2013 – Final round of the Telekom Innovation Contest supported, among others, by the T-Mobile company, was held in Krakow, Poland, on June 27 this year. The winnning Atooma company reaped the capital grant of € 150.000 for his further project development and many other subsidies for its business. Czech Republic was represented by the „Visualization of future IT costs“ project, a winner of the national competition round organized by the T-Mobile company. Eleven start-ups from Europe and Israel participated in the Krakow finals.

A project in the „Internet of Things“ category scored this year

The Atooma - this year winner - represents a platform supporting smart devices, applications and sensors for the automated transmission to the end-users. It is an automatized application and platform destined to the integration with various project and many services as portable and mobile devices, smart apps, web and mobile services and other hardware. The Atoom platform operates as an automatization layer across those services and devices and enables the producers of devices and brands the access to design and test environments and interfaces. „I believe, that thanks to the synergism with the Deutsche Telekom smart devices are going to be even smarter in the future,“ Luca Barboni speaking fot the winning project said.

How things were seen by the Czech finalist?

„We have been strongly motivated by the fact, that we could participate in the international contest managed profesionally. Our project „Visualization of future IT costs –“ is oriented towards the so-called Cloud Productivity area, where we enable the corporations to optimize their IT investment with the help of straight-lined visualization of perennial risks and costs related to their IT infrastructure running. Thanks to the competition we attained new european contacts as well as an idea how to communicate better our visions and plans to potential investors and customers of our start-up,“ Mr. Radek Švarz, Czech competition finalist said.

Special competition prize goes to Israel

Special prize and support went to the Israeli start-up Voiceltt of Danny Weissberg and Jessica Eisenberg. Voiceltt is and application of the voice services technology enabling the people with serious motoric, voice and languague handicaps to use their own voice for the expression of their feelings. It provides a natural and easily utilizable amplification and alternative communication platform as it improves their abilities to communicate and maintain or broaden their social relations.

A chance for start-ups and global players

„We congratulate the winner and are looking forward to this application development and its successive market introduction. A partner cooperation of Telekom innovation laboratories and all our international locations has been enabled by the Telekom innovation contest.“ Dr. Heinrich Arnold, global head of Telekom international laboratories said.

Telekom Innovation Contest 2014

The ideas competition has been supported by all Deutsche Telekom incubators – hub:raum Berlin, Krakow and Tel-Aviv along with Kitchen Budapest and the employees UQBATE programme in 2014. T-Mobile provided its support to the czech semi-final. The total of 326 teams from 39 countries and four continents applied for participation in the spring months of this year. Eleven runner-ups have been selected from local semi-final rounds.

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