Competition to win five Samsung S5s with a Gear Fit smart watch
The contest will take place in five cities: Prague, Brno, Ostrava, České Budějovice and Plzeň
CZK 5,000 discount on the first 300 devices purchased together with a fixed-term contract 

Prague, 9 April 2014 –T-Mobile will kick off the sale of the new Samsung GALAXY S5 with a competition to win five of these handsets in five cities around the Czech Republic. A lucky winner will receive one of the brand-new devices in each of the cities – Prague, Brno, Ostrava, České Budějovice and Plzeň. Customers will certainly also appreciate the attractive CZK 5,000 discount on the first 300 S5s when signing a two- or three-year contract for a mobile voice or data plan. 

“Competitions to win technological innovations have met with great popularity among our customers. With the arrival of the Samsung S5 we have therefore prepared for them another fun competition. This time we have focused on giving an opportunity to fans of the brand in other cities and on the possibility to get the handset quickly, on the day of its release,” says Jan Stanko, Vice President Marketing Communication at T-Mobile. 


The contest will kick off on the same day as the new model’s release – Friday, 11 April, at 1:00 p.m. – with the publishing of the first clue on the special dedicated microsite at www.dostanespetku.cz. Customers living in the vicinity of the cities where the competition takes place can find information also on T-Mobile’s Facebook profile. The competition is very simple: clues will be provided one-by-one and tracked by contestants during a single afternoon to one device in each of five cities around the Czech Republic. Lucky winners in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, České Budějovice and Plzeň can thus take home a brand-new S5 before the weekend. 

The competition will truly be a matter of detective work – the handsets will not be kept in a hideout, as many would expect, but will instead be moved around in a limited range by the person with whom they will be hidden. The clues will be related to the location and the handset itself. One of the clues is that the person keeping the hot new device will have a pink shoelace. The first one who eventually finds that person will get a Samsung GALAXY S5 completely free of charge, together with a Gear Fit smart watch worth nearly CZK 5,000. The smart watch will be appreciated particularly by fitness enthusiast, as device can be used not only as a watch with a headset, but can also monitor the user’s physical condition. The battery lasts for roughly four days in the standby mode; the handset is connected to the wristwatch via Bluetooth. 

CZK 5,000 discount 

T-Mobile has also prepared an attractive offer for those who do not take part in the competition. The first 300 customers will get a CZK 5,000 discount when purchasing the brand-new S5 together with signing a two- or three-year contract for any mobile voice or data plan. They will thus pay CZK 13,499 (including VAT) for the handset. A total of 200 of these devices will be evenly distributed among T-Mobile shops on Prague’s Národní třída and Brno’s náměstí Svobody, as well as at the Nová Karolína shopping centre in Ostrava, the Borské pole shopping centre in Plzeň and the Igy Centre in České Budějovice. Another 100 units will be available via the e-shop so that residents of other cities can also take advantage of the discount.

 Featuring the Android 4.4 operating system, he GALAXY S5 is the successor of the popular S4 model. It boasts higher performance, a 16Mpx camera with auto-focus, a more advanced design, dust- and water-resistance, new functions, a 5.1" Super AMOLED screen and Full HD resolution. It also features a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and an Adreno 330 graphics-processing unit that can deliver an excellent gaming experience even with graphically demanding games. 

More at www.dostanespetku.cz.

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