• T-Mobile responds to the current coronavirus situation
  • The operator will distribute a total of CZK 2 million within the grant programme

Prague, 10 June 2020 - Every year, T-Mobile organises a grant programme aimed at addressing current issues within society. While in 2019 the operator supported thirteen projects targeted at media literacy and fight against fake news, this year it wants to focus on projects addressing loneliness and social isolation, an issue that became especially visible during the coronavirus crisis. T-Mobile will donate CZK 2 million for the fight against loneliness, with the maximum amount of a grant being CZK 200,000. The deadline for submitting applications in the grant programme is 31 July; the results will be announced on 11 September 2020.

Loneliness as a societal problem

The number of socially isolated and lonely people in society has been growing, especially in urban areas. It is not only senior citizens who suffer from loneliness: according to studies, people most often experience loneliness in three stages of life – around their 30th birthday, at around the age of 55 and before their 90th birthday. According to some surveys, up to three quarters of people are struck by these feelings. Isolation, to which most of us were exposed in the past months, is an everyday reality for many people, having a negative effect not only on mental but also on physical health: long-term loneliness has the same effect on human health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and increases the risk of dementia by 40%. Lonely people die earlier than people with healthy social relationships (the information was taken, among others, from this source).

Being together

Themed “Being Together”, this year’s edition of the T-Mobile Pomáháme (“T-Mobile Helps”) grant programme aims to support projects that are focused on addressing loneliness. This can include projects that:

  • thanks to modern technologies, facilitate communication for those who find themselves isolated and feel lonely either due to the epidemic or for other reasons;
  • strengthen bonds within a community with an emphasis on the involvement of lonely people (singles, single parents, children, senior citizens, disabled people, etc.);
  • raise awareness of the problem of loneliness and the associated risks;
  • connect senior citizens, ill or socially weak people with their loved ones, etc.

Projects that correspond to the terms of reference and are focused on a measurable and long-term positive impact on society have a chance to obtain a grant. Applications for a grant can be filed by all types of non-profit organisations, including informal groups, via a form that is available at, by 31 July 2020.

The maximum amount of one grant is CZK 200,000 and one applicant can register only one project. A condition for the grant award is that a minimum of 10% of the amount requested must be provided by means of the applicant’s financial participation. If a project is more costly to implement, the committee can exceptionally decide that the project will be supported with a higher financial amount.

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