CityZEN T-shirts from Chrudim named the winning project of T-Mobile Takeoffs 2019

  •  The prize of the public was awarded to the Prague-based DELU CAKE studio
  • The two winning projects will receive prizes worth more than CZK 700,000 and CZK 115,000, respectively

  • A record number of 579 projects took part in the ninth edition of T-Mobile Takeoffs, a competition intended for start-up businesses 

    The main prize of the ninth edition of T-Mobile Takeoffs, a competition intended for beginning entrepreneurs, was awarded to Pavel Hrstka, Martin Burkoň and René Němeček of Chrudim and their CityZen T-shirts project. The three friends are the originators of a globally unique fibre treatment technology, thanks to which you can stop worrying about underarm sweat stains. It will surely be appreciated not only by overly active managers! The prize of the public went to Lucie and Michal Holánek, a married couple from Prague. Still active as professional dancers, the couple established the DELU CAKE studio. The winners will receive prizes worth more than CZK 700,000 and CZK 115,000, respectively. 

    In their spare time after work, marketing manager Pavel Hrstka (45), economist Martin Burkoň (43) and textiles expert René Němeček (42), developed a globally unique treatment of cotton and natural materials that do not leak sweat from the inside and are resistant to fluids from the outside. Moreover, the material retains its permeability. During this year, the three fathers would like to break through with a men’s collection in the Czech Republic and introduce a women’s collection and are also planning to open their own treatment and sewing workshop. 

    The jury composed of experts, successful entrepreneurs and investors, such as Margareta Křížová and Martin Korman, agreed unanimously on the first-place ranking of the project from Chrudim. “We wish CityZen T-shirts success all over Europe and we are proud to see that the Czech textile tradition is getting its second wind. Moreover, the men who appeared before the jury were mature entrepreneurs with a humble approach to the market and the bit of luck that is necessary in business. T-Mobile Takeoffs aims to seek out not only innovations but also entrepreneurs who are able to see their plans through,” says Martina Kemrová, chairperson of the jury and Corporate Communication Manager at T-Mobile. 

    The three friends from Chrudim will receive prizes in the total value of CZK 716,524 including, in particular, a financial donation in the amount of CZK 250,000 from T-Mobile, an advertising campaign from Proboston and Expertia, PR consultancy from AC&C Public Relations, financial and media consultancy and tangible prizes from the partners of the competition. 

    One of the partners of this year’s edition of Takeoffs is ČSOB. “Since we are aware of the difficulties and obstacles that need to be overcome from the very beginning, that is from the inception of the idea of starting one’s own business, we decided to join the T-Mobile Takeoffs project and support entrepreneurs at the start of their business activities. We focus not only on an offer of banking products for start-up businesses, but also on consultancy, which is no less important. In this competition, we appreciate the possibility of meeting inspirational people, encountering interesting ideas across the entire Czech Republic, sharing experience and identifying their needs. Our objective is to be a trusted business partner for start-ups, as well as for successful medium-sized and large companies,” says Petr Strolený, Business Development Manager at ČSOB. 

    All winners of the regional rounds advanced to the national Prize of the Public round. The public cast the largest number of online votes on the competition website at for Lucie and Michal Holánek, a married couple from Prague. Though still active as professional dancers, they are planning to hang up their ballet shoes and after years of baking and decorating cakes for their kids and friends, they have established the DELU CAKE studio. As the winners of the prize of the public, the Holáneks will receive a financial donation of CZK 100,000 and a package of business telecommunications services, which will help them open their own establishment. 

    A new feature of the ninth edition of Takeoffs is the Special Prize of the Czech Management Association for young talents. Following a discussion with the jury, the association selected four winners under the age of 35 from among the regional winners. Petr Mikulka (Retrokolo [“Retro Bike”], Zlín), Michal Doubek (, Krupka), Vladislava Závrská (Knihář [“Book Diary”], Olomouc) and Jakub Velkoborský (Click & Eat, Ostrava) will be given an opportunity to take part in the XY – Transfer mentoring programme and thus gain experience from older colleagues. “We at the Czech Management Association realise that it is usually experience that decides the success or failure of a project. We are therefore very happy to be able to support talented young entrepreneurs with our XY – Transfer mentoring programme within T-Mobile Takeoffs,” says Vilém Vrba, a member of the board of the Czech Management Association. 

    A total of 579 beginning entrepreneurs entered their projects in the ninth edition of T-Mobile Takeoffs, which is a full twenty percent more than in the previous year. “Most often, their business ideas were inspired by the circular economy,” says Eva Karasová, CSR Manager at T-Mobile, commenting on the projects. “The projects included several eco-friendly napkins, replacements for plastic straws, flower and herb farms and reusable shipping boxes.” Nearly half (46%) of all applications were submitted by beginning entrepreneurs in the 25-34 age category. As in past editions, Prague topped the regions with the largest number of participants with 137 competing projects. Sixty-eight projects were submitted by beginning entrepreneurs in the South Moravia region and 64 in Central Bohemia.

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