• Quick cooperation between T-Mobile and the Nemocenice Pardubického kraje, a.s. prevents the spread of coronavirus
  • The Contact Centre of Nemocenice Pardubického kraje, a.s., which coordinates and administers patient samples to test for possible coronavirus disease, has been operating since Friday, March 20 and has been working with practitioners, ambulances and sanitary stations of the Pardubice region
  • T-Mobile wants to offer the solution system to other hospitals

March 23, 2020 - T-Mobile responds every day to the current situation, which is constantly changing. As of March 18, it allowed its contract customers, including companies and institutions, to use unlimited data free of charge throughout the duration of the emergency. At the same time, it brings to life a number of other solutions that help fight the coronavirus. Companies and institutions are being offered help by the operator to install the communication tools they need to work with staff from home, such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco WebEx, increasing the capacity of large companies' data lines and a newsletter

At the same time, it brings to life a number of other solutions that help fight the coronavirus. Companies and institutions are being offered help by the operator to install the communication tools they need to work with employees from home, such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco WebEx, to increase the capacity of data lines of large firms and news companies, or to help schools start using the environment for distance education. In collaboration with the Nemocenice Pardubického kraje, a.s., which consists of five acute bed care hospitals in the Pardubice region, T-Mobile and Daktela set up a contact center for coordinating and administering sampling sites and sampling teams almost overnight. Through it, samples are taken in the region to test coronavirus disease in indicated patients. The contact centre is designed to help streamline sampling, thereby mitigating the effects of the pandemic, thanks to the technologies at T-Mobile's disposal. 

"Every day we try to make our solution as easy as possible for everyone to adapt to a crisis situation. T-Mobile, as a technology firm, helps make its solutions work for entities that do not yet have such options to combat the pandemic," says Juraj Bóna, CEO of T-Mobile Czech Republic, adding: "We set about launching a contact centre for the Pardubice County Hospital at the instigation of our former manager, who is assisting at the hospital during times of crisis. It's amazing how quickly Czech society can activate itself, and that we can be a part of it". MUDr. Tomas Gottvald, MHA, general manager of the Nemocenice Pardubického kraje, a. s., said: "Thanks belong to the authors of the solution, Petra Křížová, an infection prevention and control nurse, and MUDr. Lucie Bareková, Ph.D., the infection prevention and control physician who invented the system, as well as our ICT department, which has prepared user-friendly record-and-order software for contact center operators. Of course, we thank T-Mobile and Daktela for taking up our idea and implementing it quickly."

The contact centre system accepts requests for testing from the sanitary station and from practitioners and specialist doctors who can send the patient for the test. It records the numbers of indicated patients within each sampling site and spreads the indicated patients over time to reduce as much as possible the time they have to spend at the sampling site. The crisis management system of testing thus minimises the risks of infection around the sampling sites and helps the flow of sampling.

The contact centre is served as a volunteer by the University of Pardubice's Faculty of Health Studies. With their work, they help coordinate the current, ever-increasing number of patients to be tested. Their activities consist of data administration, contact with the Medical Rescue Operations Center (which sends a mobile sampling team around the region) and direct communication with patients. Indicated patients are placed on the waiting list of stationary sampling sites in Pardubice and in Litomyšl. After a call from the contact centre, the patient receives all relevant information via SMS.

The contact centre implemented T-Mobile in collaboration with Daktela s.r.o. and has been in operation for experts since March 20.

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