• Magenta 1 Business – a new offer for entrepreneurs
  • Free calls in EU, discount according to consumption, extra data
  • Business consultants in 11 stores

Praha, 25 September 2019 - T-Mobile does not forget about corporate customers and entrepreneurs. Starting September 1, small business customers and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the Magenta 1 Business program and receive a number of benefits, including discounts on services. The program sets transparent conditions without any tricks, where a higher spending and variety of the portfolio of selected services means a greater advantage. It does not limit customers with a minimum monthly fee or a fixed-term contractual obligation, as it can be canceled at any time after 30 days from the activation.

Magenta 1 Business responds to the current needs and expectations of smaller business customers. “We know that simplicity, clarity and flexibility are exactly what our customers want from us. Magenta 1 Business is open, does not hide anything and gives our customers freedom”, says Juraj Bóna, Chief Country Officer of T-Mobile Czech Republic Commercial Division.

At the same time, the operator offers premium care to entrepreneurs: at eleven branded stores there are specialized advisors for business customers. For users of more sophisticated services there is a 24x7 infoline available.

Magenta 1 Business

The new program brings many benefits to customers. In addition to the grouping of all services under one business identification number and thus a better overview of telecommunications expenditure, it will also bring a price advantage. Flexible discount is calculated based on the current spending in a given month, and can reach up to 30% of the invoiced amount. The total amount to which the discount percentage is applied includes monthly flat rates and calls, messaging or data package purchases. Magenta 1 Business does not require a minimum payment commitment, just one mobile voice or mobile data service activation is required. If your spend drops below 500 CZK without VAT, it only happens that the additional discount is not activated. (Payments, third-party services, or credit top-ups are not included in the percentage discount applied.)

Overview of percent discount relative to invoiced amount:

Invoiced amount in CZK without VAT0 - 499500 - 9991000 - 19992000 - 29993000 - 39994000 - 49995000 and more
Discount 0 % 5 % 10 % 15 % 20 % 25 % 30 %

In addition to a percentage discount on the amount charged, Magenta 1 Business also offers free calls and the option to get 20 GB of extra data when the Fixed Internet or T-Mobile TV service is activated.

Calling between numbers associated with Magenta 1 Business is free, even when roaming in EU countries, and applies to all voice, mobile and fixed-line numbers included in the Magenta 1 Business customer contract. By combining fixed and mobile services in Magenta 1 Business (if the fixed internet or television service is activated in addition to the mobile service), customers also get 20 GB of extra data shared for their customer account. This data is then consumed preferentially before the voice or data tariff data limit and is refreshed at the beginning of each billing period.

Premium care

Business customers are provided with a 24-hour infoline service on 800 73 73 33. After the end of the standard operating hours, an emergency team is ready to assist clients in urget situations, such as the loss or theft of a telephone or a breakdown of connectivity in the Czech Republic and abroad. T-Mobile is now also expanding its care services for business customers through its stores. The first few in the Czech Republic and Moravia have a new business consultant to meet client´s needs.

Services of a business consultant at T-Mobile store:

Praha - Centrum Černý Most 765/ 6, 198 00 Praha 9

Praha - Metropole Zličín, Řevnická 121/ 1, 155 21 Praha 5

Teplice - náměstí Svobody 3316, 415 01 Teplice

Trutnov - Horská 6, 541 01 Trutnov Střední Předměstí

Olomouc - Galerie Šantovka, Polská 1201/ 1, 779 00 Olomouc

Ostrava – Forum Nová Karolina, Jantarová 3344/ 4, 702 00 Ostrava

Ostrava – Avion Shopping Park, Rudná 3114/ 114, 700 30 Ostrava

Brno – náměstí Svobody 87/ 18, 602 00 Brno

Brno-město Brno -  Galerie Vaňkovka, Ve Vaňkovce 462/ 1, 602 00 Brno

Brno – OC Globus, Hradecká 408/ 40, 621 00 Brno

Brno – Olympia Centrum, U dálnice 777, 602 00 Brno

More information about the current offer is available at T-Mobile sales channels and on the web.


About the Company

T-Mobile Czech Republic, a member of the international telecommunications group Deutsche Telekom, is with its more than 6.2 million customers the number-one operator in the Czech market. T-Mobile is an integrated operator: in addition to converged telecommunications services, it offers TV and comprehensive ICT solutions. It provides outstanding services in the high-speed network, which was proved repeatedly by benchmark testing performed by umlaut (former P3) with Best-in-Test seal.

T-Mobile Czech Republic places emphasis on taking a responsible approach to the environment and society. It adheres to fair business practices, helps beneficial applications and services to see the light of day, supports non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals, and lends a helping hand whenever crisis situations arise. The company’s employees serve as volunteers in many places across the entire Czech Republic.

More information about the company is available at www.t-mobile.cz, www.t-press.cz (the portal for journalists), www.t-mobile.cz/pomahame (information on the company’s CSR activities) and www.rozjezdy.cz (T-Mobile Takeoffs of the Year – a program to support small businesses).

Contact details of the press unit: press@t-press.cz.