T-Mobile discontinues the sale of devices for fixed-line services, will now lease all devices. The change brings a number of benefits for customers, including cost savings

Prague, 14 January 2019 - T-Mobile is expanding the lease of devices to the Pevný internet DSL (“DSL Fixed-Line Internet”) and T-Mobile TV services. This step follows the successful launch of the leasing of devices for the Pevný internet vzduchem (“Fixed-Line Internet over the Air”), Pevný internet do zásuvky (“Plug-in Fixed-Line Internet”) and T-Mobile SAT TV services, which was introduced last year in July. The operator guarantees customers free maintenance, replacement in the event of breakdown or device replacement when switching to another technology. 

Beginning today, T-Mobile is expanding the model of device leasing for all fixed-line services. The change newly applies to two additional services – Pevný internet DSL and T-Mobile TV – where customers previously paid the entire price of the given device upfront or purchased it in instalments. As compared with the established model, the prices of the leased devices do not change. Customers using the fixed-line DSL internet services can thus choose between the basic modem (rental fee of CZK 30/month) and the premium variant (rental fee of CZK 50/month). In the case of the internet TV service, the monthly rental fee for a set-top box is CZK 50. 

The expanded model of providing leased devices brings a number of benefits for customers. Throughout the term of the lease, the device remains our property and customers are not only entitled to free maintenance, but we also guarantee device replacement throughout the duration of the service,” says Juraj Bóna, Vice President B2C Marketing and Product Management at T-Mobile, adding: “Customers do not need to worry that the device will break down in two years and one day and they will have to purchase a new one.” Moreover, in the event of a change of the technology used for the provision of the service, for example, when customers switch from Pevný internet vzduchem for DSL, they do not need to purchase a new device or pay all the remaining instalments for the original modem, which was the case when they purchased the device. Rather, the operator will easily and quickly replace the device with another suitable one at no additional costs for the customer.


Model example: Arris VIP 4302 set-top box for the T-Mobile TV service

Standard price: CZK 2,999

Subsidised price (with a 24-month fixed-term commitment): CZK 2,301 upfront or a down payment of CZK 1 + 23 monthly instalments of CZK 100

New price: CZK 50/month (customers would overpay the price of the device after five years, i.e., presumably later than is the expected service life of the device, not to mention the possibility of a breakdown of the device)


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