• Smart watch for kids with - a new prepaid service in Twist set
  • Parents do not have to buy a cell phone for younger children and are in contact with them - the watch can make calls, show the child's position, have an SOS button
  • Package for CZK 2990 includes watch, SIM card and 200 MB of internet for six months, for T-Mobile customers also in installments

Prague, 27 January - Starting Wednesday, 29 January 2020, T-Mobile is launching its new service Smart Watch for Kids. Smart watches work independently with their own SIM card, and children no longer need to carry their mobile to keep in touch with their family. In addition to the classic calls charged accoriding to the new tariff plan Twist IoT, customers can also make video calls, voice messages, and location tracking.

Smart watches are a solution for those parents whose children have started school and are starting to become independent. “Our smart watches allow the child and parents to call and see what's going on at any time. They may delay the moment of purchase of the mobile phone to a later age. Using a watch instead of a phone also presents a lower risk of losing contact with your child. The child still has the watch on his hand, he or she will not put it away or forget it as a mobile, and most importantly kids are still in contact, ”says Otakar Mráz, product manager of smart solutions at T-Mobile.

The watch can track the child's position, monitor whether the child is moving within the expected area, and report if the child leaves the defined safe area. In addition, with the SOS button, the child can immediately notify their parents that they have a problem. Other smart features of the watch include fitness features that support children's physical activity or set up a 'school classroom' feature where the watch operates in a restricted mode to prevent children from playing with them during school hours. Children can also easily connect with each other - just put the watch close together, shake a wrist, and save the new contact.

The watch is fully in the hands of parents through an application that they must install for their proper functioning. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Customers can choose between elegant pastel pink or blue TCL watches. They have a 1.3-inch display and a two-day battery life with micro USB charging. At this time, Smart Watch for Kids is offered in a prepaid version. The purchase price of the package is 2990 CZK and includes 200 MB of internet for six months for free, then for 75 CZK / month. T-Mobile customers can also purchase watches within the Twist set in installments with a deposit of CZK 1. Parents can monitor credit consumption and data usage in the My T-Mobile application, where they can also easily top up their credit at any time.

Watches will be available from Wednesday at T-Mobile stores and via e-shop at www.t-mobile.cz/detske-hodinky.

Product photos can be found in the image archive HERE.

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