• More data for the same price
  • Kaktus doubles the amount of extra data on social networks, now also on WhatsApp
  • New 6GB and 12GB packages

Prague, July 28, 2020 – Virtual operator Kaktus improves its data offer. From July 30, customers will receive more data for the same price and mainly 100% more data on selected social networks. These now include communication via WhatsApp. The price remains the same. The existing offer of data packages will be expanded by two new ones with a volume of 6GB and 12GB. Unspent units are transferred to the next months without restrictions. Kaktus has now more than 110,000 customers.

Data packages offered by Kaktus are unique. In addition to the purchased volume, the customer will receive extra data on selected social networks. Newly, it will always be a 100% increase. For example, a package with a limit of 1 GB will automatically offer another 1 GB on Facebook, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and now also WhatsApp. So far, the portion on the # KAKTUSnetwork was only 50%.

But prices are going down. While previously the customers received a 1.5GB + 0.75 GB package for CZK 200, now they will receive a total of 4 GB (2 + 2). “We lacked a more comprehensive offer, including a package for heave users, so we are also coming up with two new packages. The first will offer a total of 6 GB, of which 3 GB for selected social networks. The second even doubles – a total of 12 GB,” points out David Milota, manager responsible for the Kaktus brand, adding: “More than 80% of our customers have a smartphone and more than half of them use data packages. The rest of the customers who use the Internet on their mobile phones pay according to the amount of data consumed.”

Amount of dataExtra data for social networksTotal amount of dataPrice
500MB 500MB 1GB CZK 100
1GB 1GB 2GB CZK 150
2GB 2GB 4GB CZK 200
3GB 3GB 6GB CZK 250
4GB 4GB 8GB CZK 300
6GB 6GB 12GB CZK 400

About the Company

T-Mobile Czech Republic, a member of the international telecommunications group Deutsche Telekom, has almost 6.2 million customers, the number-one operator in the Czech market. T-Mobile is an integrated operator: in addition to telecommunications services, it offers comprehensive ICT solutions not only for companies, but also for other organizations and individuals. It provides outstanding services in the high-speed network, which was proved repeatedly by benchmark testing performed by umlaut (former P3) with Best-in-Test seal.

T-Mobile Czech Republic places emphasis on taking a responsible approach to the environment and society. It adheres to fair business practices, helps beneficial applications and services to see the light of day, supports non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals, and lends a helping hand whenever crisis situations arise. The company’s employees serve as volunteers in many places across the entire Czech Republic.

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