The ONE HUNDRED Twist bundle: 100 calling minutes to T-Mobile numbers and 100 MB for CZK 100
Limited edition Twist MNĚSTO with a CZK 200 credit and the ONE HUNDRED bundle free of charge for the first month
Competition with Radim – the first application in the Czech Republic featuring the second screen technology 

Prague, 13 November – T-Mobile is introducing another part of its Christmas offer, this time focused on prepaid Twist card users. Beginning 10 November, they can activate the new STO (“ONE HUNDRED”) bundle offering 100 calling minutes to T-Mobile numbers and a 100 MB data allowance for CZK 100. From 18 November, customers can purchase the exclusive limited edition Twist MNĚSTO (“ONE HUNDRED FOR MYSELF”) including a CZK 200 credit and the ONE HUNDRED bundle free of charge for the first month. Furthermore, on 1 December 2014 the operator will launch a Christmas competition in a unique mobile application featuring the second screen technology (which allows connecting a mobile handset with a TV or other medium) for the first time in the Czech Republic. The competition consists in a virtual cross-country ski race with the PE teacher Radim Pikeš, star of T-Mobile’s current advertising campaign, played by actor Ivan Trojan.       

Twist customers no longer have to choose whether they wish to make calls or use data services at special prices. The operator has developed for them the new ONE HUNDRED bundle offering 100 calling minutes to T-Mobile numbers and a 100 MB data allowance for CZK 100. The bundle is valid for 30 days from activation and can be purchased via standard activation channels (e.g., the My T-Mobile self-service application) from 10 November. The offer is limited: the bundle can be activated only until 31 January 2015. 

New customers can purchase the exclusive, limited edition Twist MNĚSTO beginning 19 November at T-Mobile and partner shops and at selected points of sale while supplies last. This limited edition includes the Twist Našim+ (“Twist for Our Customers+”) tariff plan. For the purchase price of CZK 200, customers will receive a CZK 200 credit and the ONE HUNDRED bundle activated free of charge for the first month. Naturally, customers can also set the Special Rate for Credit Top-up (Výhodná sazba za dobití) on their card and make calls to T-Mobile numbers for prices starting at CZK 1.50/min. after they use up the free calling minutes contained in the bundle. 

Additionally, T-Mobile has prepared an innovative, interactive competition via a mobile application for its customers – the Christmas Race. The application is based on the second screen technology – if turned on during T-Mobile’s Christmas TV commercial, the application recognises the soundtrack and registers the customer in the competition. The principle of the competition is to keep pace with PE teacher Radim by running a virtual cross-country ski race; skiing is performed by swaying the handset. Customers can take part in the competition between 1 December and 21 December. Every day, prizes will be distributed among the 192 most successful contestants. In total, more than 4,000 prizes are available to players. Every day, customers can win three Samsung Galaxy S5 mini handsets, three Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10.1 LTE tablets, six SmartWatches and a number of intangible prizes, such as discount vouchers for selected handsets and tablets, audiobooks and e-magazine subscriptions. The application (for the Android and iOs operating systems) was developed by the Farmhouse innovation centre and can be downloaded from app stores in the second half of November.   

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