Passengers on the tram line between Most and Litvínov can use Wi-Fi from T-Mobile

Prague, 10 June – If you are travelling these days on the tram line between Most and Litvínov, you can make your journey more pleasurable by browsing the web thanks to the Wi-Fi access provided by T-Mobile. The operator has installed equipment in the tramcars which ensures stable and strong internet access with perfect Wi-Fi coverage in both cars of a tram set along the entire route. The system now also offers a new portal for connecting to the internet.

The City of Most and T-Mobile agreed on the installation of Wi-Fi routers in the tramcars operated by the Most and Litvínov Transit Company (Dopravní podnik měst Mostu a Litvínova). This has placed the North Bohemian transit company among the few public transport companies in the Czech Republic that provide this benefit to their passengers.

“Public transport in the Most region is at a high level. Therefore, we are committed to not only maintaining but also increasing this level and offering passengers even greater comfort. Wi-Fi access surely contributes to it. We believe that these benefits will also encourage people to leave their cars at home and use environmentally friendly tram transport, in which they can additionally enjoy entertainment on the internet when travelling between Most and Litvínov,” says Jan Paparega, mayor of Most.

The internet access units on the trams were supplied by a Czech manufacturer, DataRail. The supplier modified the units according to T-Mobile’s requirements so that they would be suitable for installation in tramcars and buses. Thanks to compliance with strict railroad certifications, the units are now able to offer uninterrupted internet access to passengers without any failures or breakdowns.

“We are very happy that we have helped improve the quality of transportation for the residents of Most and Litvínov, as well as for visitors. Fast and highly reliable internet access will surely be appreciated by all passengers, including tourists, for example. We firmly believe that, in future, reliable Wi-Fi access will become a standard feature of public transport,” says Petr Malimánek, Vice President Business and Public Administration Sales at T-Mobile Czech Republic, commenting on the situation.

“High-quality Wi-Fi access in public transport vehicles has now become nearly standard, particularly among the young generation. I think that, especially on our interurban lines, there is strong demand for it,” says Daniel Dunovský, Director of the Most and Litvínov Transit Company.

The equipment is located in the area above the driver, with its antennas evenly covering the entire two-car tram set with the signal. A router containing up to eight SIM cards is installed in each tram set, thanks to which the equipment uses mobile signal of several operators. The data flow is then bonded in the central router in the data centre. This guarantees the best possible access without failures in the trams, including uninterrupted viewing of streamed media at any place on the route. This benefit becomes apparent mainly in the remote areas of the route, where mobile coverage is not sufficiently strong, such as in the fields near the Kopisty dump.

In places with good coverage, the unit is able to magnify the signal received from all of its SIM cards and increase the access speed for passengers.

The units have so far been installed in three cars, which will be used on a priory basis on the lines between the cities of Most and Litvínov, i.e. lines 4, 1 and 40. 

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