• According to the survey, 43% of respondents only receive terrestrial digital broadcasting
  • Nearly half of them expect DVB-T2 will deliver better picture quality, 25% better sound
  • One third of respondents is considering different TV reception due to DVB-T switch-off

Prague, 19th November - Television viewers have unrealistic expectations of a new digital terrestrial broadcast in DVB-T2 format. According to a survey conducted by T-Mobile, almost half of the domestic population watching DVB-T broadcasts is convinced that DVB-T2 delivers better picture quality. A quarter hopes for a better sound. Up to a third of them plan to switch to a different TV reception due to DVB-T switch off.

Image quality plays a key role for more and more viewers. Half of those, who use terrestrial broadcasts according to survey, said they prefer HD picture quality. It is more important for men (60%) than for women (41%). Full HD image quality (1920x1080) in DVB-T2 format, according to current information, will only offer Czech Television. Private TV stations will remain with either SD or SD+ resolution. On the other hand viewers expect DVB-T2 to deliver better picture quality (43%), better sound (25%) and almost 20% of respondents expect more TV channels..

“The solution is to switch to a different format of TV broadcasting signal. One-third of respondents who are currently receiving a DVB-T signal are considering paid digital, cable or satellite TV,” says Zdeněk Spurný, T-Mobile Home Services Manager, adding: “Alternatives to DVB-T2 can provide viewers with better picture quality and many other features.”

At the beginning of November, T-Mobile introduced the XS tariff with 40 programs, 26 of which are in HD quality. Whoever activates it by the end of 2019 will receive it for the first two months at a special price of CZK 99 per month. The standard price is CZK 149 per month. Those who miss their favorite show have a 7-day viewback feature. You can also record 10 hours of recording for up to 30 days, order special program packages or watch TV on one other mobile device. The XS tariff is available for all T-Mobile TV services: T-Mobile TV (Internet Broadcasting), T-Mobile SAT TV and T-Mobile Optic TV.

DVB-T digital terrestrial broadcasting in the Czech Republic has a strong position

According to the 'Market Failure Market Study' published by MPO this August, DVB-T was received by about 58% of domestic households. About four out of every ten households in the Czech Republic are not using any other platform and are on DVB-T / DVB-T2 fully dependent.

Note: respondents could choose more than one option

The popularity of terrestrial broadcasting is not only a privilege of the Czech Republic. DVB-T / DVB-T2 has more than 50% penetration in about twenty European Union countries. On the other hand, there are countries in Europe that do not plan to switch to DVB-T2 at all. Belgium was the first to make such a decision in 2018, and Switzerland announced the same move in a few months.

*The survey was conducted through the Instant Research platform in October 2019, on a sample of 829 Czech citizens aged 18–65.

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