Tablets for an advance payment of CZK 1 and monthly instalments of CZK 299 including Shared Internet 
Free handy application to simplify use of tablets 

Prague, 5 December 2014 – T-Mobile has prepared a very handy package for its customers – a Tablet pro naše (“Tablet for Our Customers”) combined with the Snadněji (“Make it Easier”) application, which will facilitate the use of tablets for parents and grandparents. A Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 Lite 7.0 tablet, which can be purchased against an advance payment of just CZK 1 (with the rest to be paid in instalments) combined with the Sdílený internet (“Shared Internet”) plan can be a handy Christmas present for your loved ones. The Snadněji application will be available from today free of charge in the Google Play Store or it can be downloaded using the QR code below. 

“We would like to eliminate the fears of elderly parents and grandparents about using mobile internet and make using smart mobile phones easier for them. Christmas holidays are the perfect time, as families gather, spend more time together and give their loved ones presents, which can include tablets,” says Dana Tomášková, Vice President Resident Marketing at T-Mobile. 

The Tablet pro naše package 

  • A Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 Lite 7.0 tablet for CZK 1 and 23 monthly instalments of CZK 200
  • The handy Snadněji application free of charge
  • Sdílený internet for CZK 99 per month 

The package is a perfect Christmas present, as parents or grandparents do not have to take care of anything. Tablet instalments and statements for the Sdílený internet plan will be included in the bill issued to the owner of the voice plan who shares the data. 

The handy tablet enabling parents not only to conveniently view the latest photos of their children and grandchildren but also to use basic applications and surf the web can be purchased in instalments with a two-year contract. On signing the contract, customers only need to pay CZK 1. The offer of the tablet is valid until 31 December 2014, upon activation of the Sdílený internet samostatný (“Separate Shared Internet”) service with any of the S námi v sítích+ (“With Us in Networks+”) and higher plans or upon activation of any of the Mobilní internet (“Mobile Internet”) plans for two years. 

The Snadněji application 

The Snadněji application makes using a tablet much easier indeed, as it enables users – e.g. parents or grandparents – to adapt the settings to their needs. It also eases control of the device, accelerating communication with the user’s family – for example, it allows pinning the most important contacts to the desktop and facilitates access to popular websites and the most frequently used applications or games. Users can also put the date, time, anniversaries, weather information, sound control, battery status and internet-connection icons in the most visible places. Following the installation of the application in the mobile device, a guide will automatically be launched, which will navigate the user intuitively through the settings. The desktop settings can be flexibly adapted to changing needs. The application is compatible with tablets using the Android 4.0 or higher operating system. T-Mobile also plans to introduce a version for mobile phones soon. 

A very practical feature for parents and grandparents will be the possibility of safe remote administration by another family member who can help with additional settings of the individual elements on the start screen. The operator envisages introducing this functionality before Christmas. 

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